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    I fail to see how the content in those images is racist. The images, situations and text are certainly anti-Chávez, but I don't see racism in any of them.

    As for Obama, what SD said, they are different situations. Even if the one who made that comic didn't intend a racist remark, it can still be seen as offensive by some. Also, the US isn't the only place where black people are compared to monkeys. That happens everywhere. So, the reason why doing that was a bad idea should be clear to anyone, and not just to Americans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StealDragon View Post
    I know you have the intellectual capability of a meth addict but I'll try to explain this in simple language.

    1. Comparing Black (or half Black >_>) people to monkeys is a classic racist remark. Fact of life.
    2. Calling a person of White descent a monkey inherently does not carry the same meaning since it has no history of derogatory use towards that race. It'd be the same as calling them slanty eyed ricers. It just doesnt make sense or carry the weight as if it were to someone whom the slur is intended to be directed. So whining about white people being called monkeys with no racial repercussions is just asinine, the situations are different on several levels.
    3. Therefore it follows that even if the comic was not intended to be overtly racist it still has the potential, and that potential in and of itself makes it racist.
    4. Its not a racist comic. Obama didn't write the stimulus bill and the Huffington Post already reported that the comic was intended to say that the people who did write the stimulus bill did a job that was comprable to if a monkey had done it. If the artist wanted to portray Obama as the monkey, he could have easily done so... evidenced by the fact the monkey looks nothing like Obama.


    so I guess
    Is really not that hard for you to sink down at a crack addict level everyday to explain that

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    I donīt get the whole Idea, I like monkeys and wouldnīt use them as insult, especially as we humans arenīt that far away from them anyway.
    I donīt thik that they are, from a nutral, non human perspective, worth less than us.
    Wasnīt obamas mother white? In that case there are some harsh insults that could be used by his enemys, but why one refering to black people? doesnīt sound likely to me, they would have used something else, wouldnīt they?
    wood ear


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