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    Quote Originally Posted by dna2playboy View Post
    You need a lot of money for world domination. It's probably all going into research for the next most powerful weapon in the galaxy. They should send more money to NASA. Don't they know that's the easiest way to win in Civilization.
    The government is always spending money on research. The problem with NASA is it is run by the government and all the large contractors are involved. There is a lot of waste in NASA and until the government makes serious changes and starts kicking out those who cannot do the jobs they have been paid to do there will not be any serious progress.

    Quote Originally Posted by R3dKnight View Post
    you're talking about running an empire.
    which the American doesn't have the money to run anymore
    We never had the money which is the thing. It's all been borrowed and taken out of the Social Security fund along with a few other places and printed out of thin air. We can only charge things for so long until our creditors seek payment

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    I always knew that propaganda is a big part of the U.S. Take this as an example.

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    In short, yes there is a problem with this. One of the basic principles in every western democracy (and indeed virtually every modern state) is civilian control of the military. In a democracy this means that the people ultimately are the ones who control the military, and the military thus has the duty to follow the will of the people as expressed by its lawfully elected government..

    But what happens if the military uses its resources to manipulate public opinion? That would mean that the decisionmaking regarding the military is influenced by the opinions that the military leadership hold, and that's no longer according to the principle of civilian control. Essentially the military leadership is trying to influence their own boss, i.e. the people, to bring about decisions that the leadership view as favourable, and that's not how it should be.

    That said, it is impossible to completely eliminate the political influence of the military, and in fact even if it was possible it would be a stupid idea to do so, because the mlilitary naturally are (or at least should be) the experts on military matters. So the military should provide facts and sound advice to the government, but when it comes to outright propaganda there is a definite conflict of interest here. And though the same conflict of interest does exist in many other groups that are supposed to serve the public, it is more dangerous when it comes to the military quite simply because the military controls the big guns.

    So yeah, this ain't good.

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    don't actually read all your post. but here is my oppinion:

    call me Hillbilly, but if somebody claimed my land to be theirs and build their house ontop of it and then build a fence so i could no longer work on my land i'll probably start shooting those somebody and hate others that support them..


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