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    Default Bush Doctrine has Critically Weakened US'stand around the World

    *Not many countries are afraid of America's bark anymore.
    *They all know we are bluffing.
    *They know our Economy is on the verge of collapse and our National Debt grows by the minute.
    *They know the economy would have collapsed sooner if not for those federal bail outs or stimulus as politicians like to call them.
    *They know that in the next year or so, about a hundred or more US banks will close.
    *They know about our Housing crisis.
    *They know about the increasingly weakened dollar.
    *They know the economy cannot support another war, especially with a Superpower like Russia.
    *The World knows that we lied about Iraq, they know we want to attack Iran and they know we provoked the Georgia conflict.

    The negative effects of the Georgia-Russia conflict are slowing revealing themselves. Case in point,
    -Bush demands Russia ends the conflict ---> Russia ignores Bush and goes deeper into Georgia, they stay there for a couple more days before they decided to leave, but they still remain stationned in South Ossestia.
    -Bush urge Russia not to recognize the breakaway regions of South Ossestia and Abkhazia ( ) ----> Russia stuns the West recognizes the breakaway regions a couple of hours later ( )

    -Even North Korea who had agreed to stop their nuclear aspirations have halted that disablement. ( )

    Russia and China both are united through the Shanghai Coorperative Organization(SCO), the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and BRIC(Brazil, Russia, India and China). And Iran is also an ally of China and Russia. The Georgia attack makes Russia or China even more less likely to sanction IRan and god knows what will happen should the US or Israel attack Iran.

    Washington will put "defense" missiles in Poland(they already signed the papers), and Russia has said that Poland risk getting attacked should the missile be installed. Why would we put missiles in Poland when we went ballistic when Russia tried to do that with Cuba?

    Well the outcome of those failed policies is clear:
    1.Countries do not fear us no more, especially Russia who has more nuclear bombs then we do, and they are Oil independent.
    2. We have united Russia
    3. We have united Eurasia against us also.

    The Wheel is set in motion, and i dont think any one person can stop it. McCain is too pro-Bush to do anything different, and Obama, well we dont know about him, and the thougth about him being a puppet scares me the most. At least we knew the Clintons are a powerful family and they are less likely to be controlled. But Obama? IDK, I'll answer that question the moment i see do something non-popular or unconventional, or maybe he's just playing all his puppeteers so he can the presidency and reveal his Fangs like Kennedy did. and they had no choice but to kill Kennedy, but i doubt it'd be possible with Obama, the world is too advanced technologically, socially for something like this to be swept under the rug.

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    The joke is that the US wanted to make teh Bush doctrin approved international law with forcing thru the UN council. The states that were in the coalition of the willing back in that time '03 made the mistake to go along with the US without withdrawing from the Bush doctrin. The common aspect of internationale law is that it has to be broadly accepted, then it's somekind of law (still it's not really law, because there are not selected sanctions if sum state doesn't go with those laws). International law is only "accepted" not "installed".
    The Bush doctrin failed at becoming new international law. For teh worlds sake.

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    This has been coming for a long, long time; but I have to admit, from World War II to 2008, we had a good run.

    My greatest worry right now, "politically", is whether or not I'll need to move to Canada in order to continue living in a safe environment twenty years down the road.

    I don't know that I'd acknowledge that Kennedy was a government planned assassination, but even I worry about Obama's chances of being attacked in any potentially lethal form should he win the election or not.

    With that said, I wonder if we'll ever see another capitalist democratic Republic rise to the rank of world super power within the next century; because, I don't see anyone else looking for the position.

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    Yes sur.

    Israel is released 1000 Palestine prisoners out of "good will"
    "good will" or you just don't want to provoke another civil war?
    a Civil war that America/the world won't back you up anymore since the Libanon's fiasco
    Maybe when Iran does attack Israel do they think that they can depend on the
    Palestine to help them?
    well we sure know that the Americans are nowhere to be seen then
    it seems that your allied aren't that great either.

    America is to proud to admit that he's weak or sick
    Refusing foreign humanitarian help from Hurricane Katrina is a proof of that.

    Bush Doctrine.
    is a fail from the start.
    and in the end the joke will be on them.
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