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    Default A substantive question.

    This may very well get me in trouble but with the Humor section back in here I'll risk it for a discussion I truly hope to learn something from.

    So I was watching CNN a couple minutes ago and much to my chagrin I see one name I never hoped to see again. Jonbenet Ramsey. New evidence clears her family. Yay, whoop de doo. As you probably guessed this revelation was met with much "I-still-don't-give-a-****". I decided to make a thread because I can't for the life of me come up with a good reason why pretty little white girls getting killed/dying/in shitty situations always makes headlines.

    Normally this would not be threadworthy material except it comes on the wake of the apparent suicide of up and coming (but still wholly unrecognizable and unimportant) Kazakh model Ruslana Korshunova... because God knows we all give a flying **** about Kazakhstan and its former citizens.

    I know for damn sure it wasn't a slow news week with the fires in California, a unseasonable hurricane brewing in the Atlantic, the failed plans for the World Trade Center site, the G-8 summit, the freakin presidential election!!! Every major newspaper I know picked up and RAN with that story for over a week now. Heres the kicker though - there are hundreds of suicides in NYC, people actually take vacations here to come and kill themselves. There are signs on major buildings and bridges consoling people who want to kill themselves!!! Freakin 24 hour connected phone lines that will directly connect to Suicide Prevention facilities/workers. So what the hell makes her suicide worthy of this much attention?

    Next up is Christie Brinkley, our favorite has-been who married some wandering-eye douche architect who couldn't keep his pants closed. Sound familiar? I dunno theres gotta be at least a million other women out their suing their husbands for divorce. And half of those guys probably have porn addictions as well... Yet again... the story is in the news with crews literally following them in and out of the courtroom to the point where all she needs to make headlines on the 11pm news is, and I swear to whatever is good on this Earth, ... smile. Yes. Thats correct. ABC went with a story last night about how her smile reassured the reporters that she was holding up in court during her divorce battle.


    The only thing they have in common is they're all former models. Apparently being pretty is all you need to do to make people care about you... because if you're ugly or hell even average looking... no one would give a can of piss to hear about why you're going to splatter yourself all over Broome Street.

    Lets not even get started on the Natalee Holloway in Aruba and how that dogged the media spotlight... or how it probably still can.There are over a three quarters of a million people missing in this country and over a hundred thousand active cases - why do these girls get all the attention?

    Not to make it political but in a country thats supposedly Center-Right where all life is sacred... that crock only seems to apply to sexy young women. Hell the last and only time I ever heard news about a guy killing himself was Heath Ledger. And thats probably only because it took them a day or two to figure out how he did it.

    Even Wikipedia has noticed this race/gender/age discrimination in the media.

    Missing white woman syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It saddens me that I know so many of the names on that list. It makes no sense... especially considering that minorities (Latino/Black/Asian) outnumber white missing persons 5 to 4.

    I kinda ran the gamut on this topic but still... with cases like Megan Williams (who basically had to save herself because hot-damn if the police and public actually looked) virtually ignored by mass media... what do we have to say for ourselves? "Oh maybe if she was pretty and dead we would care"?

    I'd like to die with the songs I love stuck in my head. I hope to make the most of these hollow bones we become.
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    Brown people don't get ratings. Remember at one point a black person was 3/5 of a white one.

    So unless a bunch of brown people die. It is not going to be on the news.


    Adonai was right again.
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    They don't have to be attractive. Sometimes cute will do just as well. Maddie McCain was in the papers SIX MONTHS after she disappeared and had a book brought out about her. yet an eleven year old boy who was seen shoved into the back of a car got ten sentences. It's useless blaming the media(<.< journalism >.>) because they have to write about what will sell. smae with that English girl in Spain. Never mind the fight she had with her parents, never mind the fact that she had run away before and don't even mention the fact that the most recent photo of her was to show her drunk with a pack of fags hanging out of her pocket. Somebody took her.

    Pretty girls sell things. If they didn't we wouldn't have MTV. Why white girls more than others, I don't know.

    I love Steal! <3

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    got to get me mahself a brazilian white girl.

    most of my friends had white Braz womens

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    I noticed this...

    However there isn't much I or you can do about it unless mass amounts of people decide to change what interests them...

    I was with my parents when this came on the news and thier reaction was... As can be expected my reaction was to bring up house #569 (A number that at one point would have pulled a heart string...) and ask if they knew what I was talking about (I.E. a girl hung herself there I forget why and when...) and they... Had no idea ('._.)

    It will only be a short while before this is forgotten. I'll give it a week -_-'

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    Nothing new. American news rarely reports on anything substantial. If you want to know about the world don't watch CNN

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henchy432 View Post
    Brown people don't get ratings. Remember at one point a black person was 2/5 of a white one.
    Hey now that's not fair.

    It's 3/5 (only for the purpose of calculating the electoral vote though, otherwise they were still no different from other forms of chattel).

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    I haven't watched the news in so long, partly because of this reason, but mainly because of the lack of good things happening all the time. Actually, I hear most of the bad stuff anyway from late night talk shows.

    One topic that I hate which keeps coming up is teachers having sex with students...I don't need to hear about child molestation before I start my day.

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    Well that's a wanky title for a thread.

    Also, congratz on picking up on something that's been blatantly obvious for at least as long as I've been around. People are so pathetic and unable to live their own lives that they have to live through someone else. That person is generally pretty, rich, probably white, and also more than likely devoid of any decent personality.

    The entire "Enertainment News" or whatever industry it's called is, and always has been, a pile of shit. If they can work "real" news, like murder or divorce into it, it just makes people feel better about being interested. It's still just for entertainment, and it still sucks. Ignore it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherman View Post
    People are so pathetic and unable to live their own lives that they have to live through someone else.
    And that is why soap operas are so popular (or at least they are in the UK, but then people are reeeaaallllyyyy pathetic over here).


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