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    Here, the failure to render assistance is punishable by law. Not only for medical staff but for all people (just watching after accident and stuff).
    I surely hope it´s the same in The whole USA. The nurses and doctors who are responsible for that happenings just have to be imprisoned. (in that case maybe it´s not failure to render assistance but homicide)

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    ^ this quote should of pretty much ended the thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Digital_Eon View Post
    It's a universal human phenomenon. People don't take action because they think someone else is/will do something about it. FantasyStrike, maybe the co-worker thought your friend was going to do it himself. Same goes for the pedestrians in that news story. It isn't that they're unmerciful; it's just the bystander intervention effect (its actual name). Hasn't anyone heard of Kitty Genovese before? :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by morten View Post

    I'm bumping this thread because of the last events in american hospitals.
    I guess someone else would like to make a new thread on that issue, but I think it fits in the category of "unmerciful people".

    Here is the vid for the people not knowing yet:
    Video Shows Woman Dying on NY Hospital Floor

    This is another case, about a hospital being merciless:
    Times acquires tape excerpts showing King-Harbor staff ignoring dying patient

    I know how much you hate O'Reilly and FoxNews around here, but it's only about the story, no statement...
    Woman Dies at MLK: Calls to 911 from Hospital Lobby Ignored

    Something like this wouldn't happen in Europe for sure, no kidding.
    Well, of course we have death angels around giving out deadly medication to old people, but nobody would look careless at someone dying in the waiting-room. O_o
    Kings County is ghetto. This wouldn't of happened in a rich area of New York. It's a class thing.

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    I don't know if it's a question of race or class. I would jump up if someone would collapse before me. It really confuses me how the other people could watch for over an hour a woman dying in front of them.

    That's a problem of social dawinism, I would say. The same careless attitdude after the Katrina hurrican. That stupid laissez-faire "if you believe in god then he helps you" way. Helpful people got rare in the US... :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henchy432 View Post
    Kings County is ghetto. This wouldn't of happened in a rich area of New York. It's a class thing.
    Thats exactly what my mother said. She said if it was Ted Kennedy his ass would never have had the time to hit the floor.

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    you have no choice,this is life,there are many kinds of people that you can not image.take it easy. do it yourself..have a deep breath and then say again what you want to say


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