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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanul View Post
    Well, you're right in some aspects of that EightBall. Though Jong-chul isn't exactly in his father's grace, for being too "feminine" (there's actually a rumor going on that he's actually gay). However, he does have the backing of the army, which says alot. And currently, the third and youngest son, Jong-woon is considered the favorite, out of the three brothers. Jong-woon is also considered to be just like Jong Il. But yeah, that's all I have to say for now.
    I really would like to know what's going on in this weird family. There aren't even pictures existing of the most members.
    As for the army, it's detected that they control up to 50-60% of the northkorean economy (not only heavy metal, agriculture but also drug, weapon and counterfeit money deals). Their heads are more like an criminal organisation than an army, thereunto that they let slaves and prisoners work for them...

    And @ the picture, I remember reading one journalist who had the opportunity to visit North Korea, he decribed Pyongyang as the only modern area in North Korea, all the roads outside Pyongyang are essentially dirt roads. Hard to travel anywhere, defenses all along the country. Little to no communication, it's like they're living as peasants.
    Yeah, I post a better one (the only web pages existing with .nk are hosted outside in Japan, they're the only country now without internet - cuba is online since last month...):

    There are actually some eight lane highways in North Korea, but of course they aren't intended for public transport. They're runways for tactical aircrafts (like the old Mig 21 they're still using lol), most of their military equpiment is said to be underground among those highway. A google earth image:

    Rush hour:

    And for cars; there's this nice story that Kim Jong Il bought 100 Mercedes-Benz S-Class during the great starvation '96. All gifts for the military and party elite, worth 100 million dollars at that time - a third of the UN support for the famine in NK. So most of the cars running around through Pjonjang are actually luxury cars....
    Btw, I tried to get in NK as a tourist for the great youth games last year, but it's harder than to get a ticket for a Led Zeppelin concert...
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    You know, about NK and internet, I find that a little funny because I read somewhere that Jong Il considers hismelf to be an expert at it, lol.

    Also yeah, I think (not absolutely sure) that most of the NK military complex is now underground, to prevent destruction incase of bombings or missle strikes. Sort of like Hitler's fantasy of having everything hidden underground in concrete bunkers, except Hitler didn't have the time to do it.

    And yeah, he did buy the 100 Mercedes. He's trying to stay in power by appeasing the military heads and stuff.

    Also about NK, I dunno if it's still current, but I remember about 2 years ago. You couldn't be an American citizen and visit NK. Not sure but you couldn't be the citizen of any country except South Korea. And even then, you were only allowed to go visit I think Mt. Baekdu.

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