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Thread: Cooking...

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    Next year i´m going to enter to a Chef school, but meanwhile i´m a Baker so I can do cakes and stuff like that

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    hmm, what else is incredibly easy to make.

    Naleśniki (french : crêpes, italian : crpes )

    So what ya need.

    Milk (be sure it's not cold, cold milk just from the fridge sucks for baking)
    Flour (wheathen preferably, but I think it would work with other too..never tried)
    Sugar and Salt

    So what you should do. Take some kind of vessel in which you could contain liquids. First pour 1 and half glass of milk. Then break 2 eggs into another vessel and beat the crap out of them - special tools are not needed but they help, the "egg-beater".

    Mix it and slowly add one glass of flour - slowly while mixing. Then some sugar and salt - a really little bit so none of them will dominate in taste. A spoon of oil is our final touch to this masterpiece. Mix it and leave it as it is for about 10 minutes..I'm impatient so mostly start frying after 5 minutes but you should wait those 10 minutes.

    Pour some oil or just use butter on the frying pan and the spill the contains of what we prepared, not all of it - so they won't be too fat. Be careful, they can burn easily - be sure to turn them on the other side when you think the other side is solid and ready.

    I mostly eat them with cottage cheese, but fruit jam is also perfect. Some people use meat but It's not my preference.

    In making, some add water and milk. Mostly carbonated water - apparently it makes them softer but on my end, it just makes the kitchen more of a smoke battlefield and they can be burnt easier that way, so I prefer to not add water.

    Bon Appetite, you got yourself an Naleśnik

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    Cpr is too good for instant ramen?

    /me eats his noodles in a corner with the people who aren't to good for crap food full of msg.

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    You go out and buy some frozen microwavable meals, chuck em' into the microwave oven, and voilà!

    On a completely different subject, I'm surprised I'm not the only one with a sig referring to Notes, Kolox.
    Currently playing Akatsuki no Goei

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    That looks gooooood ;_;

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    ^ some nutella and milk to that and you're all set

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    Quote Originally Posted by bipolargraph View Post
    ^ some nutella and milk to that and you're all set
    Hold on, be careful, you don't know what she put inside there, like rat poison.

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    Chili is really easy to make, plus the ingredients are cheap... perfect meal for a starving student (I always make Chili that lasts for three days)

    I use mixed mince meat ~ one pound
    - kidney beans, sliced onion and corn are enough (but you can add other veggies as you like)
    - I use cooked rice for the mix to mild the flavour
    - Don't use instant mixes, they ain'T good for the flavour (too much chemical stuff), use a piquancy mix, then some garlic salt (mmmh) and chinese chili sauce (not too much) - I regard sambal olek or surichan as the best. Some instant soup mix could be add for herbal flavour.
    - use a bit of water to support the cooking process.

    Confess: My first chili was a total disaster; I pumped half of a bottle of surichan chili sauce in it, and it came out uneatable. Though I forced me to eat it, it burned much.... twice....

    Another quick and easy meal is an italien summer salad with slices of chicken or turkey breast.
    - Use two breast pieces, season them with peper, salt and garlic salt (that's all) -> put them in the pan, and roast each side about one minute -> then take them out and slice them (like this the chicken or turkey will get crispy outside and juicy inside) -> add some yellow curry and put the slices back into the pan.
    - prepare the salad (I suggest romana salad, that's the best. Otherwise try to get an italien salad mixture). add vegies as you like, don'T use onions (just cucumber and red radish is fine with me). Wash and slice. Don'T use instant salad sauce (yuk), just go basic with salt, pepper aand some italien balsamico (brown vinegar) - only one spoon of vinegar to two spoons of oil. I always use one spoon of vinegar and three spoons of oil, lolz (that's not italien salad, it's greek salad )
    - prepare the salad on a plate and put the finished slices of turkey or chicken breast on it. decorate with mozzarella or greek feta, and slices of tomatoes.

    done, a perfect meal on a hot and sunny day for a starving student

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    Pizza's really east to make I made some last night, it is also really easy to modify the recipe for the dough.

    2 tablespoons sugar
    1 tablespoon kosher salt* ( But I have replaced this with herbs by putting either one teaspoon of salt or tony chanceries, and then a teaspoon of Italian herb mix. This makes the dough super flavorful and a bit fancier. )
    1 tablespoon pure olive oil
    3/4 cup warm water
    2 cups bread flour (for bread machines)
    1 teaspoon instant yeast
    2 teaspoons olive oil
    Olive oil, for the pizza crust
    Flour, for dusting the pizza peel

    Basically you add the above ingredients in order in a bowl, until you get to the flour. For the flour you will add on cup and then yeast. Mix those together so that all the ingredients are wet and then add the second cup of flour and the two tablespoons of Olive Oil. Kneed until you form a round dough. Then You will need to put the dough in a bowl and let rise ( this could either be 15mins to 2hrs or you can put it in the fridge and use it for the next day)

    Prep what ever you have in your fridge and freezer to put on top and you have a great meal that will last 3 to 5 days depending on how piggish you are feeling.

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    I love cooking! Once made something to my friend, but he got sick ;_;


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