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Thread: The Library

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    Default The Library

    Its just a coincidence that the thread title is the name of the folder with the vast majority of my porn...

    Anyway. What books do you personally own, that you picked out and bought for yourself. I want to build my own personal library of contemporary classics (i.e. Middlesex) and just general fun books (i.e. I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell), something to get my kids into reading...

    ^ This semester's additions

    Yes I know there are several book threads here, but this isn't really a recommendation thread and I'm not necroing threads from late '06 and '07.
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    no non-fiction yet. i have a small collection, mostly:

    Harry Potter series, Full Metal Alchemist vol 1-7.

    looks like you're quite the Nancy Friday fan there, Steal

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    Angels and Demons and Alice in Wonderland. The only books I picked out myself. I'm not much of a avid reader since I'm always reading my text books for class instead. No time for leisure reading :<

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    I've always lived near a good library system, so I actually own very few recreational books since I can just borrow them. My entire 'library' so far has been made up of textbooks and books I've had to buy for classes, prep books for exams, and gifts from friends.
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    Most of my books are books I needed for class. On top of those I got some Steinbeck, Irving, King, Koontz, James etc. I also have a lot of Robert Browning's poems and have a more extensive amount of poetry (Donne, Poe, Keats, Blake, Frost, Coleridge) saved on my hardrive. And of course, Colbert's I am America and so can you.

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    White Fang
    The Perks of Being A Wallflower
    The Bell Jar
    A Million Little Pieces
    Flower For Algernon (CRYYY!!)
    A Walk to Remember
    The Fifth Sally
    Inuyasha Volume-something
    Inuyasha Volume-something-else

    Others: books I need for class

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    I tend to give most of my fiction books away when I've finished with them, I'll have to check when I get home.

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    I only have my University Physics by Young and Freedman in my pad and a lot of technical books at my family residence.

    I discovered Sidney Sheldon books about a year ago and I'm collecting hardbounds of them.

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    I bought those Harry Potter books and actually read, understood and enjoyed it.

    And Negima and Love Hina.

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    A small list of what I would recommend...
    Copy and save somewhere for later when you want to buy good books

    American literature classics for kids
    - Herman Melville : Moby Dick
    - Mark Twain
    - Roald Dahl
    - Jack London

    British literature classics for kids
    - Daniel Defoe : Robinson Crusoe
    - Robert Louis Stevenson : Treasure Island
    - Howard Pyle : Robin Hood
    - Lewis Carroll : Alice
    - Charles Dickens
    - J.R.R. Tokien

    German literature classics for kids
    - Grimms Fairy Tales (Original and uncut version, not the Disney stuff..)
    - Michael Ende (Neverending Story, Momo)
    - Cornelia Funke
    - Erich K&#228;stner

    Literature for growups

    classic english novels
    - William Shakespeare (Complete works)
    - Edgar Allen Poe (Complete works)
    - Francis Bacon
    - Samuel Beckett
    - T.S. Elliott
    - Ernest Hemingway

    Novels unsorted
    - Herman Hesse (Beneath the Wheel, Demian, Siddhartha, Steppenwolf, Narcissus and Goldmund)
    - Mann Family (Heinrich Mann : Man of Straw / Thomas Mann : Doctor Faustus)
    - Haruki Murakami : A Wild Sheep Chase
    - William S. Burroughs : Junkie / Queer (Not what you think)
    - Joseph Conrad : The heard of darkness
    - Thomas Pynchon : V (Very hard stuff..)
    - John Updike : Terrorist/ Brazil
    - Hunter S. Thompson : Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    - Patrick S&#252;skind : Perfume
    - G&#252;nther Grass : The Tin Drum
    - Franz Kafka (Hard stuff)
    - Douglas Adams
    - Raymond Chandler
    - William Faulkner
    - John Irving
    - Ayn Rand (You either hate her or love her completly ^^)
    - Norman Mailer
    - Arthur Miller (Must Read : Death of a salesman)

    - Isaac Asimov : I, Robot
    - Jewgenji Samjatin : WE
    - Alfred Bester : The Stars My Destination (A Must Read)
    - Theodore Sturgeon : More than Human
    - Arkadi/Boris Strugazki : Roadside Picnic (Good movie,too)
    - Ray Bradbury : Fahrenheit 451
    - Arthur C. Clarke : 2001
    - Frank Herbert : Dune
    - Harry Harrison : Steelrat Cyclus / Bill, the Galactic Hero / Deathworld
    - Philipp K. Dick (really all novels and short stories)
    - Gustav Meyrink : The Golem
    - William Gibson (Must read)
    - Bruce Sterling
    - Stanislaw Lem
    - Jules Verne
    - Robert Heinlein
    - George Orwell
    - Kurt Vonnegut
    - Neal Stephenson
    - Ursula K. Le Guin
    - Norman Spinrad
    - H.P. Lovecraft
    - Andreas Eschbach



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