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    Quote Originally Posted by Raszagal View Post
    Gonna use the recipe everybody seem to use :3

    Games No.
    Music Yes.
    Movies No.
    Anime Veoh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irecinius View Post
    While I'm living here in USA now, I'll speak of my experience before living here

    Games; Everyone should have the original.
    But where I lived, games are not something mid-class can afford..
    While a new game here in US cost 30bucks.. For us down in Brazil it goes for about $120!!!
    Where exactly do you live over here?

    Cause were I live new games are $50-60 for current gen consoles, and $30-40 for hand held games at retail prices.

    Personally when it comes to piracy I look at prices of what I'm potentially going to buy and judge the quality before I make a purchase, I REALLY have to think about whether I want something or not. If I'm a big enough fan of it I'll buy it, but at the same time if the pirated copy is better quality I keep it.

    Games it's only sometimes. Mainly things I just can't get my hands on, or like if I do it's grossly overpriced that it just wouldn't even be worth buying since I'd probably be broke. Though I do admit that I download games to test out whether or not I like them first and make my decision on whether or not to purchase them. At the same time there's some titles that will never make it over here, that or it's just not out here yet and I really want to play the game badly. Even after I buy them though, I sorta like the fact that everything is still in it's packaging so it has more balue so then I usually keep the version I download, since it could become a rare game. I mean it's not like I don't have proof that I bought it. >_>

    Music- if it's something I'm a fan of then I'll buy it, but those are really extreme cases.

    Movies- unless you find 8-10 bucks cheap I'd have to really want to see the movie, or end up movie hopping because really, going in the mornin to save myself 2 bucks isn't anything.

    Anime- I'd honestly stop downloading them if they'd hire voice actors, stop cutting things out, censoring, and fix the pricing. I remember there's been a few times where they sell it by the episode, which was the most absurd thing I've ever seen. I mean It's already not too popular a thing here and yet they charge up the butt to squeeze money from fans of the move/series. There have been a few movies and series I've wanted to buy but I'm just waiting for the prices to go down or find a used copy. There has been a few that I've actually bought at full price just because I really liked them, but dammit I wasn't going to be eating anything but dollar menu stuff for a while. I mean I want to support them and everything, but I can only eat scraps/crappy food for so long, even for video games which at least has a lot more replay value usually.

    So unless I find a fair price for the things I really want, I just have to download them in order to get them cause atm, and for a long time now i've had very little or no cash at all. Sure if I was rich I wouldn't care and would actually buy them without even the thought of trying to download the pirated version, but it's not the case obviously.

    I wouldn't mind websites charging if it were licensed versions of whatever they're offering, but when things are done out of people's free time to share with the community it makes it hard for me to see credibility in charging people. I do make an effort to always try to buy the things I like to support who ever is the creator, but sometimes I just don't have the funds.
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