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Thread: Homework

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    ^I got the bamboo stick.

    This is retarded. I wish my homework took 40 minutes. Life would be alot easier.

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    Some changes might be necessary if the amount of homework students are dealing with is a result of them needing to be taught more today in many classes than was necessary in the past, but the limitation in the length of a traditional school day and school year hasn't been adjusted to keep pace with this and give teachers the additional time with students to cover what they need to learn.

    Some of the public schools around here still follow the old traditional school calendar with a long summer vacation period, but other schools have shifted to a year-round class schedule with a shorter summer break. I haven't run across a comparison though between the two on the issue of what difference this has made in the amount of homework students are getting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by be0wulf View Post
    Kids (and their parents) should whine less.

    This is why Asians tend to do better in school. Because if we whine, our parents would smack us with a feather duster.
    I have everything coming at me back then
    from Japanese slippers, Feather duster, bamboo stick and belt

    You can be sure that I will keep this Unique Asian tradition alive.

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    i was comparing our education to the only other ones i know - chinese and indian. they're a LOT more competitive, which is a big reason why many asians that come from those systems succeed

    ... i got a wooden spatula and a wooden ruler myself, lol

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    I don't know about the school system in Canada, but the one in the U.S. sucks. I blame some of the teachers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital_Eon View Post
    Okay, 10 minutes is a bit short for any kid past grade 3... but even 40 minutes seems like a bit much before high school (to me, anyway). It's worth pointing out that with school going to 3:30 or so on most days, and with normal kids having early bedtimes...

    Our education system isn't that bad, is it? I thought we had a pretty decent education system. Maybe I've just heard too much about the American one, but the biggest problems in Ontario with regards to education seem to be where to allocate funds and a shortage of teachers.
    No. the biggest problem in Ontario is that they took out those critical Grade 12 math courses.
    Stupid first years don't even know what a matrix is. GOD, they are retarded for taking it out.
    And some stupid kid kept asking what exactly is differentiation, fkin retards.

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    ^Actually, I think that proposed "all black-school" is the worst they've done. Seriously. Is everyone too afraid to say that the reason many black kids (but not all) are doing badly in school is because of the parents? Or because the poorer schools get shittier teachers?

    Homework isn't the problem at all, and I don't think it'll make kids do better in school. Reducing homework time can be a good thing, and I don't really see any major disadvantages (what kindergarden kid needs homework, anway?). I read an article about this in a newspaper, and it said younger kids will be encouraged to cook with their parents as a substitute. That's a good thing. I wish my parents had helped me do that when I was that little.

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    Meh, if they wanna lower the homework there, fine.

    Just don't have those kids crying to anyone when they can't get into a good college cause their grades are weak in comparison to others.

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    Wow, who would think Canadians would be lazy.


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    Well I'd agree with the 'long weekends and holidays' part. If your going to call it a break, or a day off, then make it a damn day off. But that's assuming that we're talking about a longer assignment. If we're talking your average 30~50 question lower algebra assignment, well shit, you can do that the day you get it or the night before it's due.

    Forty minutes ain't shit though, honestly. I think that's a nice sounding system for the lower grades, assuming you are just in one class. If it's split classes, then your pushing it... and asking teachers to compromise their effectiveness to coordinate their homework is dumb. So yeah, once you reach split classes, I'd say that the system goes out the window.

    I think this is a bad idea, like most everyone else here. I mean, yes... there's a looot of shit that teachers throw out. However when you get an assignment that requires some thinking and provokes your interest, you have to spend a hell of a lot more than 10 minutes on it. That little bit of time doesn't teach shit. I mean fuck... I can't read (well... I can, but most can't) a god damn chapter out of the book in 10 minutes, much less understand and answer questions about it. Once you're out of grade school (I'd say grade 3 actually, but whatever), yous got to buck the hell up.

    meh. Some teachers suck... can't deny that, but I think a major problem is that no one backs them (the good ones) up. They can't discipline worth a damn and it bogs everything down. They're expected to have a pass-rate for the love of god. Shit! Who gives a fuck how many they pass? I want to know if the ones that did pass know their shit. Obviously there should be an appropriate level of stuff one should know, and if students are capable of more, hey that's what advanced and AP classes are for. But we have so much crap going down in the class room that the appropriate amount of stuff one should know is reduced because the *teaching time* is reduced by arguing and general bullshit.

    Ok, rant over.

    I wish I could do my homework.
    Fucking server has been down allll day. Can't log in and finish my code.

    thanks to Silverwmoon!


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