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Funny, but I think that a object, if it fails to be properly used, is not void until its proper use has been tested at, and failed at.

To use your same analogy, but switching one thing, lets try this:
Fire alarms .
They are designed to protect people's lives, telling us when there is a fire.

By your reasoning, the second there has been an accident with one, say, it fails to go off because it was improperly used or installed(or, heck, lets say the idiot tried to tie it to the wall with chicken wire connected to the battery, and it started the fire itself), it is void, and fire alarms should no longer be used.
If the gun had backfired/exploded/whatever then yes, you would be right. But the gun worked perfectly in the way it was meant to (Pull the trigger and it shoots, the end). So comparing that to a firealarm that wasnt working properly doesnt work.

And what Sherman said aswell, leave the guns to the police. Sweden here and its just dandy. Heck, not even our prison guards have guns or rifles