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Thread: Thinking

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    It happens to me,though very rarely and for a few seconds,then I realize I'm not thinking and the state of not thinking disappears.
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    Every time after sex im just lying there in a state of extacy, staring at the ceiling with a completely blank mind! This is the only possible time i can stop thinking.

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    The only time i can think of is if i'm really, really stoned. Then I just put on some music and completely zone out for a while.

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    I think it's quite possible.

    And for those of you who want to know the potential uses for that:

    If you're ever questioned using a lie detector clear you're mind and you won't get busted for lying.

    Tho you might be more vulnerable to questioning that way...

    Sometimes i think that my brain is a gift and a curse at the same time.

    I think I have a semi split personality(And a few of my classmates...)
    I sometimes drift into sleep in class and find that i did notes while i was sleeping(and a few times when i asked the person sitting next to me when the teacher told us to write it they answered that i was writing it all along -.-.

    Even tho i can clearly remember falling asleep(i even had one of those freaky dreams you can only get when you're in sleeping in school) and waking up only when the bell rang...

    and when i was younger and i used to sleep over at a friend's house i remember falling asleep on a couch and then waking up in the sleeping bag i've brought with me and when i asked what i was doing in the sleeping bag my friend told me that i was talking with him untill around 2AM and then i said i'm going to sleep.

    I think that part is the primitive mind of humans(the animal nature or the instinctive mind if you want).
    I remember pissing a 6th grader during 4th grade and when he started hitting me and i was avoiding the blows i blanked out and when my brain came back online the first thing i saw was that the 6th grader had a broken nose for an unknown reason.
    Although i only started suspecting it's a sort of split personality about 2 years ago.
    I would like to mention that i still don't see any imiginary people so no' i'm not a schizophraniac.

    I think i need to meet a therapist >>

    Though i agree with the before falling asleep part.
    Sometimes iI'm thinking of something and in the next moment i wake up at exactly 3:00 AM to have a drink of water.(it's been going on for 2 years every day now.and I'm only lagging by a minute or 2 on some days.That's a spuer power Oo")
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