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    Quote Originally Posted by ragnarok_moogle View Post
    You're joking, right? Why would we nuke Israel? They're our allies.
    you thought, I was talking seriusly? I mean since when is nuking the shit out of anyone an option >_> I thought the sarcams in my post could be smelled from miles away >_>

    The only real way out of Iraq without screwing the world economics big time, is to have diplomatic talks, with not only iraqis, but also Iran, syria and israel, if everything goes in the right direction (something that someone as smart as Condoleza Rise sure can't do)

    Just pulling out in a hurry is a HUGE mistake, why? I hate to help you understand the shit you are into, but lets say this: Everyone would see it as a full retreat, with means United States can be defeated and is not the monster that a lot of people believe it is, as a side effect, Al Qaeda would surely become stronger, and a lot of countries that are not happy with United States role in the United Nations, would start to get bolder and bolder and The power of USA, that believe it or not comes out of both Fear and Respect, would be lost, without that power USA will be doomed >_>

    Stay in: is a mistake, cause the United States just seem to be wasting their money and soldiers... is a matter of trying to fix what is broken, and not just guarding the broken jar of shit that is spilled in Iraq >_>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saizou View Post
    Very well then. How about this? Apparently the entire national iraqi police force should be disbanded and reorganized, according to an independent U.S report ordered by congress.

    Or maybe a case from 2006 when they had to suspend an entire goddamn police brigade? Isolated incidents indeed.
    The problem is that I was not speaking about this, but about the direct killing of american troops by Iraqi ones, which ARE isolated cases. I am well aware there are a lot of corruption as well as extremists in the Iraqi ranks, but I was NOT speaking about this.
    I thought I made this clear in my last post but I guess it wasn't so... Nevertheless I don't disagree with what you say here, and never said the contrary to begin with.

    Quote Originally Posted by Saizou View Post
    Second, if recruiting standards are low the more intelligent thugs will actively enlist so that they can use their new positions to further their agenda. Obviously tis is a bad thing.
    I agree, but the point is that statistically there WILL be "thugs" who will get recruited (ie you CAN'T magically prevent them from being recruited, you can only reduce their numbers with higher standards, but when you lack both money and men you don't have much choices), if only because they have an influence in the area and Washington want to make friend with them.


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