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    Default My Christmas gift to all of you!!!

    Twas the night before Christmas
    Is where this story starts.
    It involved the ST regulars
    Their whole souls and their hearts.

    They gathered around the forum
    To chat about stories and new games
    When all of a sudden the enemy came
    And sprayed threads full of hate and flame.

    “Oh NO!” cried Digital Eon,
    “what shall we do?
    It isn’t too nice
    To ban that whole crew.”

    “Why not?” asked Stealdragon,
    “it’s absolutely just and fair.
    After all I’ve been banned too
    For doing sins that aren’t even swears.”

    “Yea, ban him!” said Urameshi-sama.
    Kolox cried “I want them gone too!”
    “Plus, they’re from NF” said 98abaile,
    “and those guys suck like poo!!”

    “I’ll do it,” cried Jyuu,
    “it’s quick and easy for me
    Cause all I’ll have to do
    Is press a simple key.”

    But something was amiss
    Something was not right
    For some unknown reason
    The ban button was broken that night!!

    “Well this sucks,” said Adonai,
    “if we think as one mind
    I’m sure there’s an idea
    That we will surely find.”

    MojoMunkeez had an idea
    He just stared at Jakko with a glare
    “Let’s do it!” he said.
    “we’ll give them a huge scare!”

    Armed with gayness they attacked
    And humped everyone with puns
    Perhaps they could scar the NF members
    And make them all run.

    “Shit” exclaimed Jakko,
    “it’s not going as we expect
    We’ll just have to bring in the big guns
    To get the best affect.”

    So they dragged in Hanul
    And pranced about the threads.
    And posted horrid pictures
    That would shock your heads.

    Mystic_guard_sinoel sighed
    As he began to notice and see
    That the gay triplets
    Could not make them flee.

    “Bah hum bug!” said silverwmoon
    “why must they ruin this night
    With all these hateful threads
    And cause such a fuss and a fight?”

    “Fuck you, silver” said the NF spammer
    “And fuck you too, csuti” said the other
    They NF spammers continued to curse
    And say stupid things like “I slept with your mother”

    The boyfriends were stirred
    And rightfully upset.
    So entered Martyr3810 and Schiljo into the battle
    Both who were not likely to forget.

    With the help of the weapons man,
    Ishman is his name.
    They created a device
    To put the NF spammers to shame

    Volvogga lended his brain
    And computer tech skills
    For this marvelous invention
    To make the NF spammers running for the hills

    “Holy shit!” thought vphamv.
    Krytha replied “can that be true?
    Did you really invent THAT!
    OMG I’m excited to see its debut!”

    Yes, my friends it finally came
    The invention of the TCP/IP punch
    Those bastards were soon gonna
    Feel squashed and crunched!

    So that’s how this story ends
    With them all bruised and sore
    The ST regulars had fun
    Watching them run “out the door.”

    Never again did those spammers appear
    To tamper the holiday with their tricks.
    And no one on ST felt remorse
    For the NF spammers were true dicks.

    And then the clock stroke midnight.
    “Wow,” said coolpuprocks. “Just in time!”
    “Christmas Day has finally arrived!
    So I can stop saying this rhyme!”

    <3 always,

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    It's actually...not quite Christmas yet. 16 minutes to go and counting.

    I'm planning on watching mommy kiss Santa and all that.

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    This is one of those times I wish I realized being here is way more fun than reading the manga on this site...
    I can't believe I missed stuff like this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by be0wulf View Post
    It's actually...not quite Christmas yet. 16 minutes to go and counting.
    Different time-zones? XD

    That was quite fun, even if the guys from NF do not troll but, it was still a good read. Cheers cpr.

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    I feel like cpr spent way too much time on this.

    But anyways merry Christmas to all!

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    that was great! <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coolpup
    “Fuck you, silver” said the NF spammer
    I choked on my pop (soda for some of you) reading that. Of all the people on this site, it's the one person I don't think has the capacity to truly piss someone off that is told 'fuck you'. XD

    thanks to Silverwmoon!

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    ^Our silver is of the peaceful sort, yes?

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    I live on the moon.


    I loved it!! Especially the rhyming

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    Great little tale ^^


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