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    Default The Stoptazmo regular's autobiography thread

    This thread was thought up by SD and is restricted for information--not conversation.

    Every ST regular is allowed one post where he/she can supply as much or as little information as he/she wants. If your one post expires (and you can't edit it), recreate another post and then send me a pm or something so I know what to delete.

    You cannot post information about other people. Obviously if that person hasn't written it in his/her autobiography, then he/she doesn't want people he/she isn't familiar with to know.

    If you are not a regular, your post will be deleted.

    Some information you can write (but not limited to) are: Name, age, college, major, general location where you live/time zone, sex, e-mails/msn/other ways of contacting you, what's your likes/dislikes, birthday, picture(s), ethnicity, something interesting about you, favorite song/singer, favorite movie, favorite book, favorite manga/anime, favorite tv show, favorite actor, why you came to ST?, what's your favorite thing on ST?, favorite mod (*cough--me or else I ban you!. hehehe*) ect.

    Without further explanation...


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    Name: John Espling
    Nicknames: Lews, Jon-tan
    Nationality: Swedish
    Current residence: Japan, Tokyo, Ota-ku, Oomori.

    I like cheese (Dutch cheese, that is), but hate onions.
    I am currently studying japanese at KAI Japanese Language School, which is ideally placed near the Shin Okubu station in the small village shinjuku-ku. I am a former art student and future rockstar (i can only hope). Since my birth numerous things have happened to me. One thing was puberty, the other was mondays (or rather the concept of mondays). Mondays are total horror, avoid them at all costs.

    I am nineteen years old, I look like an ape and my right foot is icky and infected.

    I think the greatest graphic novel masterpieces of all time are Alan Moore's V for Vendetta and Urasawa Naoki's 20th Century Boys.

    I speak Swedish, English and German. I eat mostly cup ramen and cheese sandwiches. I absolutely love apple juice. Beer and meat are also very nice things. I think Stalker is the best movie ever made and that "cocksucker" is a nice word to use in your everyday language.

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    Name: Deuce (2)
    Age: 20
    Location: MN, USA

    Quick list of favorite things:

    Color - green
    Number - 2,7, and 13
    Food - dog
    Fav. read excluding manga - The Giving Tree
    Fav. manga (or currently which manga's i'm reading/following) - Air Gear, Tenjou Tenge, Naruto.
    Fav. anime series/movies: Slayers, Love Hina, Naruto (pre-fillers only), Cowboy Bebop, 5cm per second, and some other ones.
    Fav. movies: LoTR's, Star Wars (original trilogy), Transformers, 300, Knocked Up, 40 yr Virgin, Serendipity.
    Hobby: Video games, sports, and i don't mind the occasion partying.
    Song - In The End by Linkin Park

    Um, let's see....anything else? Living in MN (Minnesota), generally there's a good portion of snow during the winter season, so i kind of dislike the snow. Well, not that i dislike it, i actually like it, just I hate driving in it. I like to joke around, but more times than not, I'm a down to earth person. To wrap it up, I guess I'll leave a downside to me or something I've been told I am, which I don't disagree with. That I can be pretty stubborn at times. Other than that, if u need/want to contact me, just shoot me a PM or something and I'd glady give you an email addy or so.

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    I dislike manga and anime.

    You'll find me on Twisting Nether (US Horde).

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    My name is Bader....(badr/badir etc etc) (arabic name meaning full moon).
    (19 on dec 1)
    I am a guy.
    I have a lisp. Haha you don't have one. (right)
    Nothing else interesting. Medical school, second year, wasting too much time these past two days. I usually ain't stubborn, more passive than aggressive. Rather than get mad at somebody for doing something that ticks me off, I'd rather think about the wisest thing that would help me, to do next, revenge usually not being it. I'm the quiet type. I suck at communications. I tend to have a lot of misunderstandings with people, and all that stuff. I like to talk about technology, even though jyuu will probably flame me if I do that here. I don't listen to music anymore. Kinda stopped it a couple years back. The last thing I used to listen to was system of a down. (they're not bad). Now I just listen quran.
    I'm the guy in the group that would come up with all the ideas, or I'd come up with an evil plan, and someone else might actually do it. Then I would try to stop them.

    I like cookies.
    Last edited by bipolargraph; 11-06-2007 at 03:19 PM. Reason: Because I can.

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    In your pants. OO BOY


    I'm called Herkko

    I'm not a viking even though I'm from scandinavia and even if my name sounds like it.

    I have a penis.

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    The 14th Moon


    First Name: Mitchell
    Middle Name: Katsu (using the character for victory)
    Last Name: If you want to know it bad enough I've posted hints at it in Chit Chat at least once.

    I'm crazy. Paranoid about telling anybody in real life my secrets because in kindergarten I told somebody the name of the girl I liked and they didn't keep it a secret. Used to have anger management problems and went to at least two therapists. Was called a stalker in the 5th grade and that probably helped make me crazy too. Now I don't really take anything seriously according to my friend and I don't feel much compassion for anything. Anything that tries to even remotely convince me about how livestock animals have it will make me laugh. I also love dead baby jokes.

    I'm Asian, Japanese and Chinese American. I also identify as black because I have an afro. I am already growing gray hairs and I am still in high school. Birthday is January 16th. And if you want to stalk me that bad my location is 2:47 of Theme from Carjack Fever

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    Name: Frank
    Nickname: Franek (For some unknown reason)
    Location: Niagara Falls NY, America

    I copied duece's list (Made mild revisions)

    Age - 16
    Gender - Male
    Color - Blue
    Number - III
    Food - Steak
    Drink - Coffe
    Fav. read excluding manga - The Sound And The Fury by William Faulkner
    Fav. manga (or currently which manga's i'm reading/following) - Air Gear, School Rumble.
    Fav. anime series/movies: Fullmetal Panic Fumoffu, Bleach, Azumanga...
    Fav. movies: 30 Days Of Night
    Hobby: Video games, Skating, Drawing, Ect...
    Song: Must Be The Moon by !!! (Chk, Chk, Chk)

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    Find me for more details

    Thanks for silverwmoon for the purty sig :3

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    I like the number 13, and always thought "7" was suicidal. :)


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