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    ^Sorry, Cogito ergo sum - you are not.

    CPR,please delete my post.

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    I'm just gonna emulate SD's, because he's just that awesome (and I'm lazy).

    Name: Vassily Chung
    Birthday: July 12th, 1989
    Hometown: Burnaby, B.C.
    Ethnicity: Chinese
    Education: University of British Columbia '11, Faculty of Arts
    Something Cool About Me: I have ridiculously good hearing, even though I listen to my music reeeeally loud. I haven't put it on my resume yet though

    Likes: Hockey, long walks on the beach, Wikipedia, my iPod, video games, 4chan, and mudkips.
    Dislikes: Emo people (sorry Mojo), aggressive smelly panhandlers, homosexual politicians.

    Favourite Movies: Gallipoli, Battle Royale, Eastern Promises, 300, Apocalypse Now, Black Hawk Down, Saving Ryan's Privates, Jurassic Park, Star Wars: A New Hope (all the rest were crap), and Transformers.
    Favourite Music: Arctic Monkeys, Bedouin Soundclash, blink-182, Death Cab for Cutie, Fall Out Boy, Franz Ferdinand, pre-Warning Green Day, Hot Hot Heat, Jet, Jimmy Eat World, Kasabian, Nirvana, Plain White T's, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rise Against, Sum 41, the White Stripes, 30 Seconds to Mars.
    Favourite Books: Exodus, Oryx & Crake, 1984, The Picture of Dorian Gray, 'Salem's Lot, Pet Sematary, Watchers, Lolita, Three Comrades.
    Favourite Foods: Anything that moves.
    Favourite Colors: Dark, bloody red.
    Favourite Manga/Anime: Gantz, Battle Royale, Berserk, Saikano, GTO, Monster, Anne Freaks, High School of the Dead.

    Why I came to StopTazmo: Cuddly bunnies.

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    heavy metal country - Germany


    My name: Maik

    my birthday: 31.10.1985 (22 years)

    my job: car mechanic

    favorite color: black, red

    hometown: Düren/Germany

    about me:
    I play guitar and baseguitar in two bands, I love listening to music and making it...
    I play football(soccer) in one of the many clubs we have around here...
    I've been drinking alcohol for too long and going on concerts for too long and hence my
    hearing is as bad as the condition of my liver...
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    In the hall of past Queens of Offtopia


    Name: Jon
    Occupation: student and movie business(actually just work in movie theater)
    Location: California
    College: Maybe University of Channel Islands or just the community college.
    Ethnicity: White (Crazy Azn at heart)
    Likes: A lot of stuff, mostly girls and prettyful drawings
    Dislikes: Some stuff, mostly politicians, loud obnoxious people and Athiests
    Religion: Lutheran
    Team: Lakers, Rams and Angels
    Sports: Basketball, volleyball, bowling, burger bowling, and Urban Sprinting
    Video Games: Disgaea, Final Fantasies and Star Wars Battlefront
    Subjects: English
    Movies: Monty Python and Holy Grail, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, a lot of action movies, Anchorman and Superbad
    books: Bible, Cannery Row, A Prayer for Owen Meaney.
    Music: Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Kansas, Foghat, Dream Theater, CCR, The Doors, The Killers, Rise Against, The Who, WhiteHeart, UFO, TRex, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Pillar, Petra, Demon Hunter, Modest Mouse, Eagles, Judas Priest, Kamelot, Iced Earth, Rush, and the list can just go on.
    Manga: Gantz, Trigun Maximum, 20th Century Boys, and Monster

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    South Carolina, US


    My Name: Terry
    Birth Date: October 7th, 1986
    Ethnically: I'm Germanic/Celtic. (Caucasian if you will) Though I'm occasionally assumed to be Hispanic by people I see on a daily basis.
    Location: South Carolina, USA (For Now)
    Defining Details(?): I have a thing for having depth and an open mind. I'll talk about Dragonball Z, Ancient Mythology, and the Silmarillion in the same breath. I will attest to Vandread being a work of inspirational art in the topic of philosophy. I refuse to outright hate something without first experiencing a great deal of it.
    Occupation: I'm going on my fourth semester (out of five) to become a Network Administrator.
    Music: I'll listen to nearly anything. I avoid "band worship" heavily. Though I do tend to gravitate towards things like Pink Floyd, Gorillaz, and Korn.
    Manga: I'll read just about anything without being convinced to by others. I've read about (though not 100% to completion) 150-200 manga. Shounen, Shoujo, Seinen, Hentai. Just about anything.
    Games: I don't own a Xbox 360 or a PS3; but I do have a personal goal to play each and every game I can find interest in, at least once, before I die. Huge, huge RPG fan.
    Theology?: I have my own self-spiritualism and beliefs. You could call me a Neo-Pagan; theoretically.
    Political Affiliation: I believe in the right of all people to do as they want, when they want, with only the limitations of causing physical harm or a publically agreed apon definition of excessive emotional, mental, or psychological harm to others. I'm completely pro-Marijuana, anti-Theocracy, and somewhat against Free Market. (as I see it as a broken, misunderstood system that can only work on a small scale without devolving to either being regulated by government or monopolistic businesses.)
    Hobbies?: I write. I write. I write. I write. Did you read this? I need stories like I need blood. I can't live without developing my works.

    Other than that, there's nothing much else to mention.
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    Name (false ) : Shautieh, aka the king of bowling.
    Nationality/Ethnicity : French
    Location : Toulouse, France
    Political orientation : Royalist (though I suck at bowling IRL).

    Occupation : Procrastinating way too much.

    Favorite mangas : One Piece, Blade of the immortal, Berserk, Vagabond, Monster, Yotsubato.
    Favorite animes : Escaflowne, Samourai champloo, Azumanga Daioh, Mushishi.

    Favorite foods : duck (magret, aiguillette, foie gras, ...), potatoes, beef, and cakes in general.

    Favorite movies : The lord of the rings, Braveheart, Apocalypto, the Bourne trilogy, Gladiator, Sin city, Léon, Le dîner de cons.

    Dislike : people who think too high of themselves, as well as those who can't live without a scapegoat.

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    Name: Ruben
    Age: 22
    Location: Central California, San Joaquin Valley
    Likes: driving, anime, manga, olives, bacon. Not together.
    Dislikes: people who don't use their turn signals
    ethnicity: Mexican
    Favorite Song: Probably "Fuel" by Metallica
    Favorite Book: The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
    Favorite Manga: Saikano
    Favorite anime: The Twelve Kingdoms
    favorite tv show: atm Heroes
    Reason I came to ST: First it was for the manga and the links in the download section, now its mostly for the forums.

    I've only been driving since I was 18 and have no accidents, or tickets of any kind. I don't drink alcohol. I'm also a bit of an audiophile, and I have a bunch of small anime figures on top of my monitor. They are: Tina and Chika from Ai Yori Aoshi, Ichigo, Rukia, Renji and Orihime. A Zaku and a Gundam.

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    Name: It starts with the letter "A"
    Birthday: June 2 1977
    Hometown: NYC
    Ethnicity: Look it up
    Dream Job:To be your boss
    Political Stance: I am a Demi leaning to the right.
    Something Cool About Me: I have been in the New York Times X 3
    Likes: Hockey(I kind of suck),dancing, movies, 360(it rocks,suck it PS3),Working up a sweat,Flirting,The interwebz,Flaming dumb newbies,American comics and Manga
    Dislikes: Narutards,Ugly fat chicks(you can one or the other),Bill O'Reilly(sp?)
    Guilty Pleasures:Disco music, Wanting Mojo,Always being a towine in the Mafia games
    Favorite Color:Blue
    Why I came to Stoptazmo: Manga
    Favorite Mod:Jakko(I think, he is honest.)

    Thanks to Steal for the form.

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    Name: Stephanie
    Birthday: June 28, 1993
    Hometown: Brooklyn
    Ethnicity: Latino
    Dream Job:Teacher or Lawyer
    Political Stance: Both parties are idiots so lets go with independent
    Something Cool About Me: hmm probably only person to make you laugh when you are down
    Likes: Soccer, Basketball, Computers, Video Games, Internet, Boys >.>, umm???
    Dislikes: Ignorant people who can't hold a conversation
    Guilty Pleasures:Ice cream when I'm sick >.> I am stupid at times
    Favorite Color:Red and Purple
    Why I came to Stoptazmo: Manga
    Favorite Mod:Jakko he can hold his own in an argument
    Last edited by loca93; 12-07-2007 at 06:49 PM.

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    My Name: André
    Birth Date: august 11, 1987
    Ethnically: I'm French/Argentinean ,i consider myself mostly like hispanic beacause lived 14 years in hispanics countrys)
    Location: Near Paris
    Defining Details(?): i laugh from everything happens to me, dislike people that show off,
    Occupation: Student (for now)
    Music: I like metal,hardrock, alitle bit of everything
    Manga: I'll read just about anything
    Games: used to play wargames, no more enough time.
    Political Affiliation:hum, difficult question, a mix between left and right boards
    Hobbies?: guitar, cars (particulay my sweet '96 celica), reading, roaming around
    Reason I came to ST: i was looking only for mangafter a few months i started posting( it was while the mady incident happened)
    Last edited by zoik; 12-08-2007 at 10:10 AM.
    its not that i dont respect your opinion, i just dont want to hear it!


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