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    Krytha is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    Feb 2006


    22 years worth of meat growth.
    Born 50% Chinese and raised in Toronto.
    Volleyball is preferred to almost anything else.

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    Chizabubble is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    Mar 2006
    Not at the computer.


    Name: Ciara (Keira)
    Age:19 years of age.
    Favorite numbers: 3, 6 and 7
    Favourite movie: twelve angry men, finding Nemo.
    Theme song: do-do. DO.DO.DO
    (jaws music)
    Nicknames;chiz, Ci, Ciar-bear, Peggy(grrrrrrrrr), jaws, Hanibal, blacksheepwoman, the insane one, crazy bitch, whore(it wasn't an insult, he's a bitch) and Petunia.

    Don't ask about any of them. I blame the insanity of those who surround me daily.
    Would kill you for chocolate. Best if it's galaxy.

    I love Steal! <3

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    Nov 2005


    Name: Justin Scott Bell, Esquire
    Age: 19
    Nationality: Halfrican, Korean, White
    College and major: Wichita State University, Business Administration
    Food: Chinese

    Found out I'm going to be a father yesterday!

    Other than that, I'm frequently told I look like a terrorist, and I rather enjoy horrible puns. (Example: wanting to cover myself in locks so I could be the Loch Ness monster for Halloween. Get it? Hahaha....Oh...)

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    p00 is offline Senior Member Long Time Member
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    Jun 2006
    I live on the moon.


    Name: Emily
    Age: 17
    Occupation: Chemistry Lab technician
    Major: Biology/Biological Sciences
    Likes: Sweet foods, manga, anime, games (preferably shooter or action games)
    Dislikes: not getting enough sleep

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    MojoMunkeez is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Feb 2006
    Bay Area


    Name: Louie
    Nicknames: Lou, Louber, Louis, Leo, Pooh, Frisky Rabbit, Mr. Middle
    Age: 17
    Birthplace: Shanghai, China
    Languages spoken fluently: English, Mandarin, Shanghainese
    Languages learning: French (4 years)
    Favorite Book: A Gesture Life by Chang Rae Lee
    Likes: Korean girls, dressing up nicely, expensive food, sleeping, hanging out with friends, playing basketball, singing, playing saxophone, going driving, long hot showers, sleeping, people watching
    Dislikes: menial work, mundanity, officiousness, nagging, weaboos, Korean girls
    Favorite number: 8
    Favorite piece of clothing: leather jacket or Union Jack boxers
    Cologne: Hilfiger Sport and Fahrenheit by Dior
    Favorite movie: Forrest Gump
    Favorite subject: Physics

    I wear honey-colored corrective contact lenses. I sing in the shower. I wish I could play guitar. Currently, I am single, though not without prospective partners.
    I am in fact, straight.

    I'll edit this as I see fit.

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    neruke is offline Senior Member Long Time Member
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    Apr 2007
    Earth, still the best place.


    Name: Stefan (thats the german "Steven")
    Nick: Neruke/Shade (this can give a hint on my last name)
    Age: 20
    Location: Southern Germany

    Server: Guldan (thats important!)
    Number: 4
    Fav. Food: Japanese, Asian general.

    Occupation: Student. Chemistry. Next year.
    Ethnicy: European (O.o)
    Languages: German, English ; Learning: Japanese

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    Kolox is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Dec 2005


    Picture :

    Name : Jacob (in Polish is Jakub)

    Birthplace : Poland, Warsaw
    Birth year : 1987
    Language : Polish, Russian, German, English

    Favourite Food : Pierogi
    Favourite Book : "Animal Farm" by Orwell
    Favourite Movie : 'Pulp Fiction'
    Favourite Subject : Chemistry
    Favourite Number : 5
    Favourite Colour : Dark Blue
    Favourite Song : Bohemian Rhapsody by Queens

    Zodiac : Cancer
    Ambition : Ruler of the world (or at least Euroasia)

    Dislikes : Tomatoes, Yaoi-manga and foamed polystyrene, nerdy guys
    Likes : Killing, rabbits, girls, jazz, blues and rock.

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    Apr 2005


    Name: Marcus
    Birthday: May 2nd, 1987
    Hometown: Bed Stuy (Do or Die!!11!1), Brooklyn, New York
    Ethnicity: Caribbean American
    College(s): Polytechnic University (Fall '05 - Spring '06), Kingsborough Community College (Fall '06 - Fall '07), Stonybrook University (Spring '08 - ... )
    Major: Teaching English as a Foreign Language/Human Sexuality and Gender Development (maybe)
    Dream Job: Parent, Erotic Novelist
    Political Stance: Most likely probably around extremely liberal... not sure... I just hate conservatives, traditionalists, the deeply religious, and fundamentalists (or any combination of the four).
    Something Cool About Me: I seem to have a high tolerance for pain, comes in handy when playing sports... go figure.

    Likes: Aggressive Inline Skating, Skateboarding, Primetime TV, Video games, parties, parentheses and ellipses, the Internet, etc.
    Dislikes: Prudes, Sexists, Racists, Superiority Complexes, Religious Fanatics, Fanfiction, Idiots, Airheads, Meatheads, Xbox fans, Humidity, the South, the Technologically Ignorant, Anachronism, "Players", Curling, The color Yellow, Normality, anyone who blindly believes anything, Absolutes, Stereotypes,
    Guilty Pleasures: None. If its pleasureful and doesn't hurt anyone whats there to be guilty about?
    Favorite Movies: Lost In Translation, oLDbOY, Boys Don't Cry, Hero, Match Point, Fight Club, Volver, Babel, Grindhouse, This Movie Is Not Yet Rated, Pans Labyrinth, Ong-Bak: Thai Warrior, American Beauty, Batman Begins, 300, Lucky Number S7evin, Love Me If You Dare, Kill Bill Vol. 1, Kill Bill Vol. 2, Girl With A Pearl Earring, Thank You For Smoking, Marie Antoinette, Brokeback Mountain, Ghost World
    Favorite Foods: Crocodile, Crab, Lobster, Bacon Cheeseburgers, Sesame Chicken, General Tso's Chicken, Filet Mignon, Grilled Chicken, Sea Scallops, Sour Power Straws, Marshmallow Iced Devil's Food Cake, Mayan Chocolate Ice Cream, Death By Chocolate, Shark, PB&J, Pancakes, Green Beans.
    Favorite Colors: Perfect Storm, Cupid, Dead Black
    Favorite Mangas: Slut Girl, Gantz, Battle Royale, Grenadier, Glass No Megami, Golden Boy, One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, Prince of Tennis, HEN, Boku No Futatsu No Tsubasa, Claymore, Superior, Onegai Teacher, My Balls!, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, FLCL, Me Teru No Kimochi, Gakuen Heaven (not the yaoi one), Slam Dunk, Airgear, High School Of The Dead, Bitter Virgin...
    Favorite Anime: FLCL, Milk Junkies, Afro Samurai, Read Or Die (OVA and TV show) Spirited Away, IGPX: The Immortal Grand Prix, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, Steamboy, Howl's Moving Castle, Hitozuma Kasumi-San, Green Green, Tengen Toppen Gurren Lagann, FullMetal Alchemist, Big O, Tenchi Muyo!, Outlaw Star, Pokemon (the origial series w/ Ash), Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fighting Beauty Wulong, Ring Ni Kakero, Ai Yori Aoshi, Romeo X Juliet, Princess Mononoke, The Animatrix, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Full Metal Panic!, 2x2=Shinobuden! ... this list is longer than I thought it would be...

    Why I came to Stoptazmo: Originally for the manga, now for the forums
    Favorite Mod: CoolPupRocks cuz she saves my ass when I get in trouble :3
    Last edited by StealDragon; 12-02-2007 at 11:36 AM.

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    Name: Salvador (some people call me Sally) Michael
    Age: 14
    Ethnicity: Filippino, Catholic

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    Somewhere Over The Rainbow


    Age: I am under 16
    Date of Birth: A Day In March; Year of the Rooster
    Likes: Music, Wikipedia, Internet, Eating, Reading, Sleeping, ST, Helping the enviroment, Biology, Space.
    Dislikes: Doing anything active when I'm not bothered, Getting moaned at, Not getting enough sleep, Sexism, Racism
    Believes in: Extraterrestrial life
    Doesn't believe in: Ghosts, Monsters
    Hero: David Attenborough
    Favourite manga: Bleach
    Favourite number: 2
    Last edited by chibii; 12-01-2007 at 08:54 AM. Reason: I decided to be more informative =)


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