does anyone know what kind of webhosts is good for a small scale scanlation site for guro mangas?

(guro, if you don't already know, are extrely gory mangas --basically manga versions of smut films)

i think i'm looking at maybe 1-2 TB of bandwidth a month which, on the surface, seems to be not that much of a problem: it seems like almost any one of those 5 bucks a month webhost will do, but then again i know from someone else's (guro-taku) experience that generally, when bandwidth gets high for web hosts, those companies that charges cheap, flat fees will start "looking into" your site for "TOS violations" for an excuse to shut down your site... (all scanlation site are technically illegal, even though usually neither the author or the publisher cares much about it)

basically does anyone know of any cheap budget site that is will to "look the other way"?