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Thread: "Jena Six"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakko View Post
    I wore a white bed-sheet with one of those mini safety cones inside.
    Oh, you're so kinky!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shinigamiwolf View Post
    Kinda late but just to prove CPR wrong it was black not green.
    The most popular facebook event group for Jena 6 told me to wear green!

    Your source sucks!

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    You Americans should be more aggressive. Come on, wearing black/green/whatever clothes for a cause? How old are you? 8? See, you should learn from us. When the authorities are unjust with one of us, we won't be wearing garments of any colour to show our disagreement; we will take the matter in our hands.

    It's not really difficult to obstruct the highway, you can rally of group of bus/taxi/truck drivers, and have them stop their cars in the middle of the road (obviously, it should be a key one); you can also burn wheels, or other things, the more the better. Needless to say, you have to be sure that people's lives won't be endangered by you actions. Unless they are part of the authorities. Anyway, by doing this, you will prevent the city/province/country from working properly, and therefore, making them lose money; it serves them well.

    Having a big group is crucial; otherwise, those under the control of the authorities (you know, the army and the police) will prevent you from going any further. To achieve this, you need solidarity; you need to understand the cause. In simpler words, the desire of revolution should burn within you, like passion. Once you have a unified big group, you can grab any thing near by to make some noise; to show them you are all there.

    Lynching is also good but, this is a practice that can only get good with time, like wine. This can be an art, if you can pull it correctly. I remember a president having his body mutilated, dragged through the streets (they were rocky streets) and - after everyone had spit and done other things on the corpse, it was burnt at "El Ejido". Needless to say, lynching is not always that complex. Just be sure to know where that corrupt guy lives, gather your group (you know, to outnumber his bodyguards), grab your machete, and finish the deal.

    I hope you have learnt something. I think I do not have to say none of the things in this post should be taken seriously, do I?


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