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Thread: Sleep

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    Default Sleep

    How much do you get? And to give this thread some staying power, anyone have any particularly interesting dreams/nightmares/fantasies that they care to divulge?

    I average about 5 or 6 hours a night. Seems to work just fine as long as I have my alarm clock (aka Cell Phone).

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    adonai is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Changes a lot, in this case the median would probably be more meaningful (it's around 8 I would guess).

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    while I was in school, during weekdays it was about 5 to 6 hours, then on the weekend I think about 9 to 11. =P

    now that it's the summer, I get about .... well 6 to 7 hours of sleep on average.

    haven't had much dreams in the past ... month I think.

    and, like steal, I also use my cellphone as my alarm clock. tho now, my mom took up that job. she kicks me out of bet at 9 every morning. ;_;

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    Dante Obscuri is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Ceteris paribus, it would be 8 hours, otherwise, it may be less (it will rarely be more, 2 hours plus at max if it is more). Right now, for example, with work, gym, and the fact that I am receiving difficult courses in University, my hours of sleep may range between 2 and 4. Most likely, and with some luck, I'll be finished with my assignments by 5 AM, and I have to get up by 8 AM, so it would leave me with 3 hours of sleep.

    I also use my cellphone as my alarm clock; it has, at least, that much technology.

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    and if i usually have nightmares but i dont get scared because i usually realize its a dream half way through and give myself super powers or something. like the other day i was dreaming zombies were taking over and they were trying to break down the door while i was locking it and then they got in i think but dont remember specific details after that. and like last week i dreamed i was being attacked again by some sort of supernatural being and i ran out of the house, and outside i saw my neighbor standing outside and for some reason i started asking him for a job like nothing was wrong but then he started crying. (yea my dreams make no sense)
    Get it?

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    I sleep 7 hours on average and on weekends it's up to 10 hours. I don't have any special dreams or nightmares, it's random stuff and I forget most of it, but I find it difficult to fall asleep. I have friends who can fall asleep instantly but it takes up to an hour until I finaly start sleeping ...

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    on school nights i get around 5-8 usually around 6 and a half...but on weekends i like to sleep atleast 9 hrs a night... mondays i usually get to sleep around 8-9 hrs coz i have tripple frees in the morning :P sooooo good!

    dreams... i had this weird one where i was stoned and wanted to drink some flavoured milk but had no money, well my friend gave me some but i only had enough for this moo milk (forgotten what its called) any way there was like 200 flavours to choose from i couldnt decide then the characters on the front turned real life cartoon on my ass and started chasing me...real weird!

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    is there a choice that gives you 0 to 12 hours? >_<

    my sleep ranges from those. I work the graveyards shifts thats why. sometimes I don't get any sleep at all and sometimes I just oversleeps. ^^

    hmm dreams.... I once dreamt that I was falling then I suddenly wakes up and it felt like I bounce once in the bed. maybe its just imagination but it felt so real. >_<

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    4-6 hours. Too much time playing games on the computer and I seem to have problems sleeping at night. When I do get to sleep for 11 to 12 hours or more I sometimes dream, lately the dreams have become more vivid and more than partial of it is remembered. I find it somewhat disturbing, I wonder if it has anything to do with age.....
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    O.o most people here seem to not sleep a lot... i voted between 9 and 10, though it's more between 7 and 12 :P

    I don't know if I dream a lot or not, as generally I can influence what I dream of or what I do in my dreams... so I am either really strong () or i just day dream most of the time, which takes up most of my nights...


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