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    Default Running a TWG in the future....


    anyway Thanks to Darkness for help me to remenber the details of how i used to run this (Darkness is a person in other forum, but I am not taking advantage of it)

    I already asked if normal players can run TWG themes and I did't got a negative, but PMs are a little limmited and yada yada yada, so lets me just get a little started with this


    To be decided...

    Maybe games with 36 hours of day and 12 hours of night, but is not sure yet


    -Any daily votes or actions have to be done before (Insert SIlly time here). Late votes will not be counted.
    -Nightly votes and actions have to be let known before (Insert Silly time here) Late messages will not be counted. Nightvotes and actions can be sent in throughout the whole day before that night.


    Since as a Normal menber, I have a kinda limmited space for save PMs, so try to not send too many and be sure of your selections so you don't have to send me a second pm telling me that you made a mistake in your target and such

    - Votes have to be bold.
    Unbolded votes will not be counted and will be considered missed.
    - When you change your vote, you have to retract (edit) your previous vote and cast your new vote in a new post. When you fail to retract your earlier vote, the first vote will be counted.
    - You are not allowed to skip votes. When you miss two votes you will instantly die (Heartattacks Flu, anything counts for keep the History line going) and your role will be revealed.
    - On tied votes, nobody dies.

    Deadwishes: Lynched players will be allowed to write a sentence long message (Plz keep it short since you are almost dead) This can be used by PMing me the details of what they want to say (the deadwish is added in the Story line) and you can also decide to raise your middle finger to any player as a dead wish too :P


    --GA Protection (GA = Guardian Angel)
    --Bartender "Drunk a ton"
    --Thief robbing
    --Monsters Kill's
    --Seer vision
    --Nightvictim announced
    --Voting starts
    --Voting ends, votes are tallied
    --Lynch victim announced

    Win conditions:

    Humans win: When all monsters are dead.

    Wolves win: When they have killed all the humans or Vampires

    Vampires win: When they have killed all the humans or Wolves

    If there's 1 wolf/Vamp and 1 human left, the wolves/vamps win.

    If there's 1 wolf/vamp and the Guardian Angel left, the game ties!

    This is for make the winners of a game as fewer as posible, this gives a real value of actualy being the last 3 survivers of the game, or last person standing


    Lynch reveals nothing (unless a special rule applys)
    Hunter attack reveals race.
    Nightkill reveals nothing.
    Seervision reveals role.

    I will give an extended role explanation in PM to those who need it.

    Wolf - Eat humans at night, pretends to be human during the day. Wolves can eat vamps. If a Vampire attacks a Wolve, this haves a 50% chance of avoid the attack, but this will clearly reveal to them that he is a Wolve

    Lycantropus (Sp) - This is the leader of the Wolves, If Lynched in the day he can decide to take some one with him to his grave (since he can change into a werewolf even in day time), this cannot be avoided unless you have GA protection... If attacked at night this Wolve haves a 50% chance of avoid the attack and Hurt one of his attackers, thanks to this he can identify one of his attackers on the next day, this player can also do an extra kill ONCE in the whole game.

    Vamps - Suck humans blood at nights, pretends to be human during the day. Vamps can kill wolves. The vamps will have one conversion to use, which can be used to convert a human player to their team. Conversion can be done next to a regular nightkill. Conversion can only be done by the Vampire master Poker Friends/Bartender and the GA protegee are immune for conversion. When one of them is targetted, the conversion will fail and the power be lost.
    Anyone who is converted will lose their powers. If a Wolve attacks a Vampire, this haves a 50% chance of avoid the attack, but this will clearly reveal to them that he is a Vampire.

    Seer - Can see the role of a player of his choice every night.

    Guardian Angel - Can protect a player of his choice every night. The GA can choose to protect himself (but is encouraged to protect other players too). The protected player cannot be attacked or converted during the night of protection AND the next day. So the GA also protects against a Hunter attack, though NOT against a lynch.

    Hunter - If Lynched can kill one player of his choice and take him to the grave.

    Poker Friends - A tight group of friends who know eachother well and often play Poker on their houses. They are immune for conversion. Also, as their special ability they can have poker party's every 2 days (One night Poker, next one rest, then Poker again ) with this all of them gather in one house and play poker, the party holder is decided by popular vote, and if one of them is targeted, but is not at home the Nightkill will fail, but if the one attacked is the Party holder all of them will die, the 4 of them need to be alive in order to use this special, once one of them dies, they will mour him and won't have Poker nights anymore

    Bartender: Is a well know person, and in fact the only one that is sure to be a human, but he can't truly belive the other people around him...

    Special: He runs a tabern and haves the Ability to Drunk a player of his choice in order to get some info out of him, however this is not very rediable, There is a 50% chance of total failture (IE geting useless info mainly drunk talk and bullshit) the remaining 50% can be the true or a Lie (IE 25% the truth or 25% a lie) how we do it? with a Coin, if you get Head the first time then it won't be a total Failture and if you get Head again then the target will say the truth about his role and race, however as a good bartender you can't fully trust in the words of a drunk and in the end is totaly your decition

    Note: in the end this ability can make the Seer say is a wolve or a Wolve say is the Seer, is totaly up to the bartender to Judge what his target said.

    If the bartender picks you as a target you will wake up on the next morning with a Hangover (sp)

    Villagers - Normaly can't do hack shit other than voting, but I am giving each one of them a diferent ability that won't change the Gameplay, but sure will have an effect in the Story line

    The Lovers: are two players who are linked. When one dies, the other also dies. If The Lovers are intentionally or randomly chosen as one wolf/vamp and one villager, that villager cannot be Converted.

    The Undertaker: can identfy the race of lynched players (This information is only given to him)

    The Thief: is a Withness... you can deside to go out in a night and try to earn fast money, you will be able to see one of the Monsters attacks useless *a rule applys* You are a skilled Thief so you will get away without being noticed, sadly you will be tooo scared after the first attack to go out again so is a one try skill, but if the monsters don't kill anything that night nothing happens and you just Rob your target *The person that got Robbed will get a PM telling thats something is missing*

    Thief Special Abillity: Like I said you go out in the Night and you may Witness the dead of other player, but how this works? well you pick a target for the night and you go and rob his house after getting the loot, you may hear odd sounds coming of a part of the town and you go and find out what happened (BUT if nothing happens in that night you go on with your Robin Hood life... Depending of his target he may get diferent items, an example is a XXX botle from the Bartender, with this you gain Bartender powers for just one night

    I might add, remove or tweak some roles or rules along the way, but this is my first-base idea.

    Any questions or comments, feel free to spill it

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    Perhaps you can work something out with Digital_Eon, since she already claimed that she wanted to host the next one, but I have to say that I like the bases of your game.

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    I am going to host the next one, without help. Two suggestions:

    1) Maybe you should try playing a game or two before starting one? That's how it's usually done in the past.
    2) Wait until a game is done! We're not going to have two going on at once.

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    Digi has dibs. But your ideas are good. you can play anyway, or you could host it together, or something entirly different.

    I love Steal! <3

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    I rather like this game, although like the current one, my participation depends on the number of people playing vs the number of non-townies.

    I'd like to die with the songs I love stuck in my head. I hope to make the most of these hollow bones we become.
    I raise a toast to the the souls that sang all along. I've been gathering friends to just to make some sounds,
    before the ship goes down, I've been making amends by making the rounds before the whole world ends

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    Souds kinda complicated. You'll probably need help hosting it with all the different roles, especially since from the sound of it you haven't tried it out before.

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    You're jumping the gun too early.

    Sorry, please wait till the last TWG game is over.




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