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    Default Does anime/manga ever seem to disconnect you from reality?

    (with permission from coolpuprocks)

    This might sound stupid and corny, but when you watch anime sometimes, do you ever feel disconnected from reality? Or maybe yet, you watch anime just to escape from reality? Kinda like how some people (or at least the ones i know) get drunk to escape from reality.

    Especially if you really get into it or you just have a good connection to the anime or maybe even an overactive imagination. well anyways, you get drawn into it as if in another world. and then when the episode or series (if it was the last episode) is over, you are brought back to reality and then you just contemplate about what you just saw.

    and then you might have wild thoughts such as:

    "damn! i wish i lived in that kind of world!"
    "why can't i have those kind of experiences in life?"
    "that main character is so cool! i wish i was more like him/her!"
    "why aren't my friends cool like that?"

    when you're back in reality, all you can think about is that particular anime and then compare it to your life. maybe for example, you're at school trying to study and you find it hard to concentrate, like you keep thinking about some particular moment in an episode that you can't get out of your head or something. and then maybe you wish that you had some kind of Onizuka-type teacher in your life, and then you'd be more motivated. or maybe you'd want to have those cool experiences like in gantz, etc etc. you slowly think how boring/dull your life is or just the world is in general. (this may be a reason why some cosplays are more real than ever!)

    what about those cliffhangers or abrupt endings you get sometimes? don't you wish the creators would make more eps or some sort of continuation?

    i guess it's childish to be like this or maybe those who watched so much anime are kinda unaffected by these effects or are slowly getting desensitized. i personally don't get to watch a lot of anime but it's summer time so i'm trying to catch up and when i do watch it, i feel like this sometimes lol.

    i mean, if it's really like this then i can't really blame those fanatics and otakus for being who they are. in fact, having these kinds of experiences seem to bring some sort of appreciation.....right?

    also, unless you really like dramas, i think that's why most people don't enjoy the live-action version of an anime/manga series because then those real-life actors can't do those special moves, facial expressions, etc. like it's all just real-world dynamics and in the end many will complain that the acting was just not done right despite the fact that maybe they tried their best but nonetheless it could not capture the essence/spirit of the anime. like there's too many real-world limitations that make a live-action version not live up to an anime.

    it would be interesting to hear your thoughts!

    for those who can't relate to this, then i'd like to pose a more general question: how has anime affected your life? (it seems to have varying degrees of effect depending on the person)

    (bah....i need to get out more. hahahahaha)
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    I mainly watch it for the insane violence. I can't carry it out in the real world, so I settle to watch it on screen. The different types of worlds and storylines are just bonuses, albeit very good bonuses.

    Also watch it for the awesome powers- especially like the espadas with parts of their mask hanging off.
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    i often run around with a blanket tied on my neck and an oak bokken in my hand, people often look at me like im crazy, but hey, i dont care
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    I don't usually get that deeply immersed in the anime I watch. Honestly, most of it seems too superficial to draw the audience in to the point where the situations the characters go through evokes a sense of connection and strong emotions in those watching.

    Exceptions might be some of the slice of life anime series where the situations the characters face in their fictional lives may be similar to situations that viewers have encountered in real life. Also some of the anime from Studio Ghibli, or a series like Saikano (man that was one sad series) can reach viewers on a level that most anime can't.

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    i just wish i had a teacher like GTO :P, would be a great change from many of the shitface bias teachers at my school-not to say there arent any good ones coz theres heaps...i could just do with someone i could relate to more and just watch the insane hilarity

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    Behind you... BWHAHAHAH


    I would love for some impossibly ridiculous animes to come true.
    Mainly Air Gear and all its wierd physics xD
    It WOULD be SO cool if it were true... *dreams*

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    In anime/manga, the ugly girls don't actually look ugly like they claim to be. I wish that were true in real life too, haha.

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    *thumbs up* on the getting permission from cpr first. Good stuff there.

    as for what the topic is about...there's not harm in thinking/fantasying about stuff like that. I mean its normal and i suspect most if not all people have thought watching anime/reading manga "oh that would be cool to have irl."

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    Yeah, that happens to me all the time. I've dreamed of being a mahou shoujo for most of my life (thirteen years or so), and it's easy to wish for a romance like the ones most characters (er, the ones that don't die) have: handsome guy who loves you and treats you well, and you'll be together forever. And who doesn't wish they could save the world just once?

    On the other hand, it's hardly specific to manga/anime viewers. Plenty of TV shows and books feature that kind of thing (and non-Asian comics, too). I sometimes question whether I would be all that different had I not watched anime.

    ...Well, I probably wouldn't entertain any dreams of being a pretty soldier in a sailor suit, buuuuuuut....

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    I find anime/manga as an entertainment and not as a way to escape reality. yes there are plenty of times that I go into that "zone" were I get so immersed with what I'm reading/watching that I tend to forget about the time or place (sometimes I read some online mangas or novels at work, its wrong I know >_<) that I'm currently in.

    well when I was a kid. I wish to be one of those heros who goes through hardship with some cool people to save the world and end up with some pretty girl but now I'd rather have a peaceful life and watch everything from the sidelines. meh maybe my life is too eventful that I want to have atleast normal life now.


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