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    Default Stories at the workplace

    Post any stories about things that happened at the workplace. It can be funny stories about stupid people or interesting events which happened during work.

    Here's mine:

    I work at a children/teen amusement park and I when I was operating the ferris wheel, a customer in line came up to me and asked whether if I had a phone for emergencies. I looked around expecting to see someone hurt or maybe a fight in progress but I saw nothing out of the ordinary. I told the good sir that I did not have an emergency phone and asked him what the problem was.

    His replied with all seriousness: "There was someone jerking off in your line and talking on the phone at the same time." Yeah ... quite disturbing. Anyways, I called out to some staff on break and told him about it and several minutes later several security guards came looking for the "jerk-off."

    Sadly, he was never caught. Oh, the children he could have molested. =O

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    What the Christ?!

    That's just strange. What a freak.

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    At Target two suspected lovers stole a bunch of blankets, went into the ladies dressing room, made a makeshift futon and had sex for the duration of their shift (they worked overnight), then in the morning they left only to be fired the next day for what they did because the whole thing was caught on the security cameras. Supposedly the reason they weren't fired that night was because the head of security was fapping off to them in the security hq.


    I think this might be true because my TL told me the story (as did several others) and pointed out the guy when he came back to the store to shop one day as stupid as that was. Im a bit skeptical because it just seems like a rumor to keep employees from slacking off with the connotation that the hundreds of cameras they have in the store are active and watching you all the time although I know for a fact most of them are broken or fake.

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    umm....damn...dont remember my target stories either....gotta think about those...

    but one day when i was working at EB....i went on break....and left to get some food....

    30 mins later when i came back my manager told me that some guy came in and asked if we have a bathroom....and we said no (we do...but we cant let the public use it)....and somehow the guy ended up pissin in his pants. Wasnt a kid or anything adult male...ahahha. Also they're public bathrooms for the strip mall just down the corner....dunno why the guy just didnt wait....ahha.

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    The chef (the paedo one) where I worked liked to think he was a real tough guy, one day he was trying to show of, so he lifted up his shirt and dared one of the other staff to whip him with a wet tea towel. Unfortunately for him I was standing behind him washing up. I turned around lifted up the back of his shirt and gave him a hand of God in the small of his back.

    At first he was silent from the shock, then he let out this quiet and really high pitched scream and started running round the kitchen. After he calmed down, we had a look at it and there was this giant red perfect shaped hand print on his back and swelling around the outline of where my fingers had struck him. The swelling was still there the next morning.

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    I work as a cashier.

    Today a lady said, "I'll be paying with my ATM card."


    (okay, I got better ones, but I don't have the attention span right now to write em.)

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    In the Dressing room of my store. Some left a used tampon.

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    One of the higher ups in the market research company I work for decided he wanted to blow up a 2 litre Coke bottle in the middle of our warehouse using dry ice and water.

    His first attempt didn't go so well. He filled the bottle with dry ice and water but didn't put enough in, so after waiting for a couple of minutes in anticipation, nothing happened.

    He went back into the food prep room off to the side of the warehouse and filled the bottle up with dry ice and water again, this time up to the very top. Just as he triumphantly opened the door to the warehouse and took one step out, the bottle exploded in his hand with a sound like a cannon going off (and a mighty thud which even people on the other side of the building felt), sending pieces of Coke bottle shrapnel and ice flying all over the warehouse like a frag grenade or a pipe bomb.

    It cut his hand and his leg up a bit and left them both cold and numb for an hour or so, as well as leaving holes in his pants where the shrapnel tore through it. Not only that, but five hours later when he was on the toilet, he found a piece of the Coke bottle embedded in his leg!

    That's the single funniest thing that has happened in my workplace, by far.

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    I work in a hotel. mostly at night.

    I heard this from my coworker. A guest rang reception for some help. It seems they're TV wasn't working. The Night auditor sent the porter upstairs to have a look and he came back saying that they forgot to plug the TV in (they were very drunk =_=). A couple minutes later they rang again, same problem. He went up and came back down (quickly). He was ranting that there was no problem with the TV. The guest rang AGAIN. the porter said he's too scared to go up.....

    There were 4 big muscled gay guys who were very VERY drunk up in the room. =_=

    scary story...

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    Call centre
    A woman of about 40 years, with disturbed voice
    she You got to help me, I blocked my husbands cell fone, what should i do know?
    I What exactly did you do?
    she I dont know, i just pushed some buttons and it aint working now
    I What do you see on the display?
    she nothing
    I What do you see on display and hear when you are trying to call someone
    she nothing
    I Is your cellfone on or off
    She OFF
    I can you turn it on
    she yes
    I what do you see on display now
    she the logo of company
    I can you call someone now
    she yes
    I everything is allright with your fone
    she really??? Thank you very much.......

    An oldinary day on job.
    P.S. sorry for mistackes, not quite good at english


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