come and post all your poems u had here if u got 1 in mind just post it!!!
i got 1 for u all and here is it:


Friends are people who we will find,
When we are facing troubled times,
When we need to know that someone’s there,
When we need to know that someone cares,
When we need to share a secret or two,
When we need some company to the loo,
When we need someone to cheer and clap,
And sometimes when we need a good tight slap,
When we need some good advise,
When we need to know our good and bad sides,
When it seems no one loves us anymore,
When it seems problems have gone hardcore,
When you want to show your appreciation,
Maybe also say thanks and congratulations,
To a friends, who’s been loyally by your side,
These simple words, one shouldn’t hide,
So here is a short summary of “friends”,
Remember, true friendship last until the end.

How is it??