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    Quote Originally Posted by Quiraikotsu View Post
    Excuse me?
    'Shitty-tasting starbucks'?
    Have you even tried the amazing chocolate cream frap? If not, you are a big, big fool.
    Yeah, but that's not coffee. That's chocolate cream frap. I really don't like it when people talk about coffee while sipping their vanilla chocolate latte overflowing with cream topped with marshmallows.

    Anyway, I started back in highschool when we were doing term papers. I started, and finished it overnight thanks to coffee.

    From then on, it was around 2-3 cups a day, up into college, averaging at around 10-12 cups of pure coffee per day.

    I haven't had coffee in a month. Around last Christmas, I've had trouble breathing, and even sleeping at night due to my heart beating so fast that I could feel it.

    That was when I cut back on the coffee moderately. Pretty intense headaches too, but eventually, I've gotten over coffee. Much like porn.

    Though it's kind of annoying how these days, I ready up porn for a night of passion and I end up falling asleep. Whenever I get the urge to chug down on coffee, I drink some milk.


    Also, how do you guys know how ass and poop taste like? O___o

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    buy your own coffee machine and make it cheaper.
    I probably have two drinks of coffee on average a night. I've been sustaining that for around two years now.

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    Default and WATER, best there is.

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    true on the real coffee people, I was going to comment but I'm not a straight coffee drinker, it has to be a latte or a mocha. (and you can get a large mocha for 1.5$ and my uni.. so good) But honestly, it tastes good! erm, one way is to subsitute tea for coffee, and if the tea is too weak, try Chai lattes (chai with lots of milk basically) I did that went I gave up mochas for lent, and now I don't drink as much coffee as I did before...

    Still, something about a good mocha... *purrs happily*

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    Quote Originally Posted by blizzar180 View Post
    Chase your coffee with cyanide.

    If it doesn't work, increase the dose.

    Let me know how it works out...
    A friend of mine came up to me to tell me I was immune to cyanide... o.O
    Please Google it! before asking!

    This site had been cheesed by Mozzy!

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    I wonder what coffee tastes like with chocolate syrup. Sounds nasty but might taste good.

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    ^ ummm....=\ meh....impartial on mixing chocolate syrup with coffee. Seems like it would good well....but there's a lot of doubt for some reason....


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