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    I rather like screaming out obscenities like "OH SHIT!!!", "HOLY FUCK!!!", and "JESUS FUCKING CHIRIST" while on rides. Then smiling my face off as tears stream down my eyes.

    ... Or pretending like I went into shock to scare the ride attendants.

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    I loveeeeeeeee screaming on rides. Usually, the first giant drop I won't scream cause I tend to run out of breath.

    I never scream because I'm scared. The only part of the roller coaster I get scared in is the longgggggggggggggg escalating part up towards the beginning of the ride. That's the part I'm always going "Errr.. I hope I'm strapped in securely so I don't die."

    And, I love to hold my hands up the entire ride. I'll even do that on those wooden roller coasters where you only have a bar strap on. It's so funny cause those seat belts usually don't reach me. I'm too skinny... so I'd be bouncing up and down in my seat. It's a tad dangerous... cause if I actually tried, I could probably slide out of the cart. -_-

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    next to my computer and heater ...


    i sit next to my brother in rides often, and he is like 2 times me,, so the bar is not far past ky knees,, i can stand upstraight if i want to!! (yea in holland we have 1 bar for 2 ppl,,)
    wa denk jij!?

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    Haha, now that is a funny rule and its something I could only see happening in the US.

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    That's wildly hilarious. It's called "The Screamer" and you can't scream on it? Nice.

    Quote Originally Posted by adonai View Post
    I prefer the electromagnetic roller coasters anyways, almost no drops, just lots and lots of corkscrews and turns and loops.
    Yeah! The electromagnetic ones are fun~

    Quote Originally Posted by csuti View Post
    then I laugh =D
    I always do this on fast rides instead of screaming. I don't really know probably creeps people out. >__> But, not as much as Dante!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dante Obscuri View Post
    I don't scream in rollercoasters... I do not even raise my arms. I am just there, sitting, being serious, but enjoying the ride, yeah.
    This created a truly funny mental image, Dante. XD

    Anyway, while on the one hand this rule is kind of silly...can you really blame the neighbours for complaining? The ride was built after they'd moved there (although the highway was definitely there already - but if they can hear the screams that easily over all the traffic, it must be noisy). I'd be more upset about passengers being able to see into my backyard than the noise, though. Yikes. I wonder how late the park is open...

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    rollercoasters scare the shit out of me. Only some are fun for me, like the magnum

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    i hate roller coasters but thats beside the point

    if you think about it the nebors have no reason to complain i mean thats like having a pool but saying you arent allowed to swim in it its dumb

    if you dont like living next to an amusment park MOVE if not sut the fuck up
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    Default dont have to scream when you ride roller coasters, but that's where a good chunk of the fun is! =D It's retarded that you can't scream....seriously....double u tee effe.

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    Since the amusement park has been there for 30 years and the houses probably haven't, I think they should just tell the house owners to screw off and suggest they not move next to an amusement park the next time they purchase a house.

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