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Thread: Wtfwow

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    I prefer these actually:

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeKido
    Left Wings is right, I have fully epiced out 70's of every class and still have the time to bang all 4 of my supermodel girlfriends while scoring the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. Anyone who can't do better is clearly a failure. Lefty, you should have your people call my people. We could pay them to talk about how bad all these other scrubs are.
    Quote Originally Posted by Moonknlght
    I watch TV 8 hours a day 7 days a week, I'm a hardcore TV raider and am waaay better at watching TV than you little asshats that only watch 4 or less hours a day. This is because I have leet skills at sitting down at staring at a monitor, along with my finger/eye coordination at hitting buttons to change the channel at precisely the right moment before commercials come on.

    I know most of you look up to me in life because I'm just better than you, but you have to realize that only few are born into a skill like this. Stop bringing us hardcore TV watchers down, and just leave us to our kingdom of glory.
    Quote Originally Posted by Moonknlght
    Hardcore = More money shots
    Softcore/Casual = More intimate scenes

    That is the big difference
    Quote Originally Posted by wolfdancer648
    Quote Originally Posted by Moonknlght
    But I am a professional writer. It's funny how this is so unbelievable to you because people that play WoW don't accomplish anything in your mind, but you're going on about how casuals become doctors and lawyers."
    What? My post was clearly leading into a self-deprecating joke on myself. Wait, who said being a professional writer was unbelievable/a big accomplishment?

    Look, I'm writing right now. Check it out, even more writing. I can keep this up for as long as my fingers don't get tired and for as long as I choose to be a shut-in that lives on coffee and microwave food. I guess the only big difference between this and professionally written short stories is that my post has no story, characters, or solid basis.

    Well, let me give it a try....

    The professional writer, sitting and facing his computer screen, was in quite the predicament. On the World of Warcraft message board, he was now being faced with the moving, powerful, and witty banter of the one by the user name Wolfdancer648. Sweat trickled down his face as he fervently tried to come up with an unnecessary defense to Wolfdancer648's light-hearted yet also politically involved and meaningful humor.

    As the professional writer put together whatever he could as a defense, he found that the effort he put into his post was so great that his fingers cramped at having to come up with something better than the intellectual known as Wolfdancer648. The professional writer's face also contorted with pain at the word "intellectual", there were just so many syllables in it.

    He posted his reply, believing that perhaps triumph and victory belonged to him now.

    But perhaps... he was wrong...

    See? That's newspaper short-story section material. That's an easy $20 right there. That's enough for like... two weeks worth of coffee and frozen food to live on. One more, and I can pay off another month of WoW!

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    oh god that wolfdancer 648 is turning me on with an atrociously expressed romance hidden in humour

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    youre turning me on with an atrociously expressed romance...
    ohhhh babby


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