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    asian POV: learn chinese. or you'll forever be getting reproachful looks from asain parents. >.> whether they say anything or not is a different matter
    student POV: japanese. i heard it's fairly easy. and now you can read RAWs

    but who cares? whats the point if its useful but you hate it? pick the one that you wont regret learning...

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    Japanese is easy to learn once you learn chinese though, especially if you like business cause Japanese business papers and contracts are mostly Kanji, which are really just chinese characters, and mean the same thing. The only diff between the Chinese character that means for example, "dog", and the Kanji for "dog", would be the pronounciation. The kanji and character are identical. So basically if you learn chinese and can read/write it, you automatically can basically read Kanji and understand it. Then you only need a quick run through of hiragana and the basic alphabet and voila, you now have a pretty decent understanding of japanese as well, besides the spoken part, which you'll have to work on to perfect your accent.

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    Well, everyone seemed to miss this fact but, if you're Chinese (Cantonese), there's really NOT THAT much for you since Mandarin is more popular. XD

    Whatever you do, my best advice is... have no regrets. Don't do something you'll be forced into learning or you have no desire to learn. Do something fun.

    I met a friend in a similar situation as you. She's an avid manga reader too and was thinking about taking Japanese. But, she's Korean and doesn't know her native tongue. So... she decided to take Korean. Now she wishes she was in my Japanese class. XD

    Quote Originally Posted by MojoMunkeez View Post
    If you're Chinese and don't know Chinese, you deserve to die.
    Damn you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jyuu View Post
    I am technically Chinese and I can only count 1-10 in mandarin.
    We rock ^_^

    Quote Originally Posted by ragnarok_moogle View Post
    I suppose the people who said to learn spanish live in the US. Considering that, it is a useful language to learn if they do live in the US.
    Many US kids learn Spanish since there's not many options in public schools. Most schools get a choice of Spanish, French, Italian, and (if you're lucky) Latin.

    Quote Originally Posted by smellslikeemo View Post
    Why can't you can take both?
    Only if you're suicidal


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