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ewww the warranty thing is so true, it hurts.
iPods really *are* over priced, but at the same time, they pretty much fall apart in your hand!!
Now what other electronics company does that remind me of? *cough*Sony*cough*

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When a group of people stand RIGHT IN THE FUCKING DOORWAY!
Either stand OUTSIDE or INSIDE the doorway, not smack dab in the middle.
Or the equivalent.

I've noticed that the people who do this tend to be obviously black ghetto people [STOP WITH THE GODDAMN WHITE UNDERSHIRTS]
or a bunch of bitchy white girls. urg.
And old people, and idiots, and the Welsh, and well pretty much 80% of the population because they are to single minded or inconsiderate to allow people through. Women with prams are notorious for this, they always have to have the biggest and bulkiest pram and then go and block an entire isle in the shops by stopping nextr to another one and then talking mindlessly about bugger all for half an hour. GET OUTA THE FUCKING WAY!

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what annoys me is waiting each week or so for a manga chapter or so!
Err dude, complaining about release speed is a huge taboo in this sub culture, there's no rule against it per se, but people have been banned before.