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    Default What is so bad abt anorexia??

    I really envy ppl with it at times, having enough willpower to resist food and they look so good....I would train myself to be anorexic straight away if not for the fact that I am still below 15 and desperate to grow taller.
    Ppl around me are like saying anorexia is bad but what's so bad abt it??

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    Good luck with life. You'll need it.

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    I feel like a real dumb*** even answering this but I think the death aspect alone would answer your lame *** question. Ask people who don't have food and they'll tell you how much it sucks to constantly be starving. Plz, this is probably a joke, right? 'cause I hope you aren't truly serious.

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    what the fu*k is your problem?

    well lets see:
    if you don't eat then you don't get the nutrients you need so you could die from malnutrition even if you take vitamins
    you also don't get the daily sodium content you need so you cold die of hyponatremia
    you also don't get the daily fat content you need so you can get hypothermia from just walking outside.
    and the acid in you stomach a=can cause ulcers from just chewing a piece
    of gum

    and not to mention the fact that anorexics don't look good they look like they are about to die

    Quote Originally Posted by adonai View Post
    Good luck with life. You'll need it.

    but if you want to die then you would be one
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    Don't listen to all the naysayers. Anorexia is awesome. Really.

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    in a small 2 bedroom apartment for $400 a month


    ^are you an anorexic? and of you are then how much do you weigh?


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    We shouldn't antagonize this person. If this person is being honest we should try to help them.

    @TC: If you are serious, I'll indulge you on some of the bad side effects of anorexia. Though, in truth, it should be obvious.


    Psychological Side Effects:
    Low self esteem and loss of confidence
    Feelings of being ineffective and powerless
    Fear of losing control
    Mood swings
    Anxiety and depression
    Feelings of being worthless

    Social Side Effects:
    Withdrawal from others
    Reluctance to eat with others

    Changes In Thinking:
    Poor concentration
    Inability to think rationally
    Preoccupation with food, eating and exercise

    Physical Side Effects Of Starvation:
    Fatigue and loss of energy
    Hypotension (low blood pressure)
    Dizziness due to low blood pressure
    Fine hair growth on body (lanugo hair)
    Hair loss
    Pins and needles (parathesia due to changes in the peripheral changes in the nervous system
    Brittle nails and fragile bones due to low calcium
    Increased vulnerability to osteoporosis
    Anaemia and pale skin due to low iron levels
    Easy bruising
    Susceptibility to cold due to loss of insulation
    Edema (tissue swelling from water) due to electrolyte imbalances
    Cessation of menstruation
    Strain on most of the bodies organs
    Thyroid dysfunction
    Irregularity in the secretion of growth hormone
    Potential kidney failure
    Urinary tract infections
    Chronic indigestion
    Potential liver failure

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    who has anorexia that looks good??? Slevin Kelevra???

    I'd like to die with the songs I love stuck in my head. I hope to make the most of these hollow bones we become.
    I raise a toast to the the souls that sang all along. I've been gathering friends to just to make some sounds,
    before the ship goes down, I've been making amends by making the rounds before the whole world ends

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    Being anorexic is basically starving yourself to death. If you want to see why starving yourself to death is a bad thing, go look up the concentration camp photos taken after WWII and realize that's what you're going to look and feel like if you are anorexic.

    Uryuu freaky, pale and geeky,
    how do your powers grow?
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    and swords that I shoot from a bow,
    yes, swords that I shoot from a bow."

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    I can understand wanting the ability to resist food, but your focus should be on resisting certain kind of foods. Cutting out unhealthy foods and not overindulging will be more beneficial to your looks and health then not eating. Eating is one of the greatest past times of life.

    Also, no go wants to date a girl where his first thought is "that girl needs to eat a cheeseburger." Lohan looked way better pre-anorexia.


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