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    Default Dropped My Ball. Pick It Up?

    While I'm slightly fucked up, I'll post something I found earlier today going through a notebook of stuff I did when I should have been paying attention in US Gov't.

    I was planning for a whole afternoon the creation of a Christian Rap album. It was going to be quite good C-rap or ... synonym. Anyways, I never did anything with it so someone else take it up where I left off.


    Stigmata is such a social stigma,
    People making me a pariah for going through it with the messiah,
    Don't know why people have a problem with big J.C.,
    Saying that to believe you've got to be diseased, hayseed, or high on weed,

    Rolling from Jerusalem,
    He is known as the fisher of men,
    Absolvin y'al of your sin,
    Turnin water into gin,
    To his father himself he commends,
    The Roman Empire he did rend,
    Had a go with Mary Magdalen,
    Lepers and cripples he did mend,
    Got sold out for 30 pieces of tin,
    Shitty way to send out a friend,(there are more)
    I digress, back to the future again.

    Let's first get this point straight, I ain't no imitation,
    Shit, I wish empathy for Hazeus had a statute of limitation,
    Cause this definitely is exacerbation and not elation that I'm facin'.
    Would I get some relief if I made an act of propitiation?
    I'd give you my best goat, one with no signs of emaciation.

    One morning I woke up feeling a little icky,
    Something in my hammock feeling a little sticky,(I sleep in a hammock, it is portable)
    Looked down and see blood, figured someone nicked me,
    That or maybe someone's trying to trick me,
    With some food colour and vaseline, cause a dick they be.
    Closer inspection dispels my natural predilections,
    Holes are in my wrists where there used to be connections,
    Feel sicker than watching a video of baby chinchilla's vivisections,
    At this moment, forgive me god but I used your name in an interjection,
    The culmination of my faith feels less like reward and sends me to dejection,
    Despite this I wasn't about to let this start a faith insurrection

    Had a few lines cut, someone pick it up.

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    pg county


    wow, now learn to post in the right section. there is a creative works section you know.

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    This isn't necessarily a creative work. View it as a game in which someone adds on to the story of the previous poster.




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