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Thread: Pet Peeves

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    Default Pet Peeves

    I was talking with a friend about pet peeves and it reminded me of a guy when I was still going to high school. He hit almost all my pet peeves. It was during PE when I saw him and he was one of those Asian wangsters. He would go up to me and talk about gangs and how he's such a "badass" and he would rant about my ex-boyfriend. He was soo annoying I wanted to punch him. One say he was prancing around with a cigarette around the track. And day after day, he would tell me to leave my ex-boyfriend. SO I just told him, "You are such an annoying fucking bitch, leave me alone" and I'm not even the cussing type.

    Anyway, my pet peeves are:
    1. smoking
    2. alcohol/drinking/drugs
    3. gangsters
    4. Idiots
    5. shopping or choosing to hang out at the mall unless it's going to be shopping for games or computer stuff or unless I have need to get something.
    6. Gossip
    7. People who can't chew with their mouth closed
    8. Using the word "babe" or "baby". It sounds weird.

    There more but I'm too lazy to list it. So what are your pet peeves?

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    lol wangster

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    I never got the whole "Let's hang out at the mall!" schtick. The mall is there to shop in. You go in, you get what you came to buy, you might get a cinnabon, and then you get the hell out.

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    my pet peves:

    1. people who talk about something they know nothing about
    2. people who chew with their mouth open

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    1. Smokers (quit smoking in my AIR!)
    2. Men who call me babe, honey, sugar, sweet heart... ect
    3. Women who do the same thing...
    4. Shopping
    5. bad table manners

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    pet peeves?

    people who like bright lights
    people who talk loudly on the phone
    people who like it overly hot or cold
    evangelistic people and fanatics
    people who scream when they're happy
    people who can't calm down
    people who think they know everything / people unwilling to admit they're dead wrong
    people who treat their opinion like its fact
    the victims of the corruption from power
    smart, sexy, funny, good looking flat chested women <<< ugh...
    people who try to pay with exact change
    people who wear obscenely thick glasses
    superficial people
    girls who wear UGG boots.
    people who consciously go outside dressed like shit for no reason.
    people who can't let go
    clingy people
    people who always feel the need to fill the silence
    people who dont wear watches or some sort of timepiece
    people who cant be on time
    people who dont know how to plan anything and stick to it.
    people who form opinions on things they don't understand
    people who have bad breath

    theres more... later perhaps

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    1. people in general
    2. socks
    3. paint
    4. mailmen
    5. passenger train services
    6. bright sunny days
    7. the wind
    8. flowers with lots of pollen and other allergens
    9. smoking
    10. mosquitoes and cockroaches

    more later.

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    people with too many pet peeves ....
    :P (jk steal ^^)

    acutally mostly when someone stubbornly holds onto an arguement when they know they're wrong but they just want to disprove you so badly...

    oh and being blamed for something I didn't do

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverwmoon View Post
    people with too many pet peeves ....
    :P (jk steal ^^)
    ahueuheuehue I was going to put that on my list, srsly hehe.
    0. people who look down on other people.
    1. people who think they are smarter than other people.
    2. people who ask for my help but only concern for his/her own benefits.
    3. people who eat my food without my consent.
    4. people who can't shut up.
    5. people who are rude.

    that's what I can think right now.
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    also people who hold a grudge for way too long
    people who complain about smokers (i smoke)
    superficial christians
    people who never give people chances to make up for something they did
    people who gudge me based on what i wear
    people who shop at over-priced stores so they can get something with a namebrand
    how many guitar players there are now (i played for a long time and now it seems like everyone knows how to play it)
    people who think that punk is dead
    people who get mad at me for no reason

    ill continue later


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