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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuroi Nezumi View Post
    ^ Sorry when I was replying I didn't see your post.
    By the way the video was really long.
    Yep. Also, the guy has a boring voice, but trust me, the questions he raises, backed up by scientific documents, are good questions. Anyone, even those opposed to this idea, should listen to it, I think. Maybe especially those who think global warming is a foregone conclusion.

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    From the little information that I know (and I may be mistaken), Global Warming is something natural, yet it can be pushed.

    Global Warming occurs for the different kinds of solar rays that come her to the Earth. There are different kind of rays, some can get easily through the ozone layer, others not that easily. This solar rays are what bring heat to the Earth. The heat also has its way out, but due to some, gases like CH4 or CO2 (which come out from volcanoes, other natural sources, and also from artificial sources), make it difficult for the heat to get out. Therefore, creating Global Warming.

    Natural Global Warming shouldn't be that much of a problem. The last serious natural Global warming occurred long time ago, and that was because at that the world was still in its development stages, and there was a high volcanic activity throughout the whole world. The problem now wouldn't be the natural sources, but the artificial ones, being there many, Global Warming gets a boost, which may not be good.

    That's mostly all I know. Again, I am not sure if that is correct.

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    ^That's the basic point that was taught by my science teacher. What teachers says is always right, right?

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    *cough* It's highly unlikely that an extinction level impact is going to happen before we can develop appropriate defenses to ward off such KEWs.

    Well we do have appropriate defences. The giant missiles developed by america and russia would do the trick. These are kind of like old spacerockets which just go up once and thats all. These missiles are transported on railtracks and well basically it just goes up hits the asteroid and deviates its course. Pretty simple theory and thats why its there i forgot the name of the missile though so sorry for not being very precise.


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