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    I've done some pretty weird things. I belive enough to send me to an asylum, so I'm quite certain I'm being monitored. Except for THEM. They always see me. Always.

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    Behind you... BWHAHAHAH


    Die of embarrassment.
    Or maybe just destroy the world so no one who watched the show ever would remember the stuff I did.
    Plus wouldn't that mean people like your boyfriend or husband and all that didn't actually love you?
    They'd probably be with someone else in the 'real world'.
    Now that would be depressing.

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    I would probably get really depressed, and lock myself up where I lived in that fake world, refusing to answer anyone, even the one pretending to be my 'girlfriend', because who knows if she really loves you or not? <.<

    Better safe than sorry.

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    omg like...we're lap rats, and we experiments of superior beings?!

    ...are you the choosen one?!! hahaha

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    Here is another part to add to that idea. What if the world that you know is not the real one at all. Meaning that in their tv/monitoring experiment that they don't only do that but they put you in a culture that they think would make any normal person snap quickly and then they study how you try to adapt to your surroundings. Another question to that would be if you ever did learn of the monitoring and the real world was some sort of strangely horrible place by the standards you have learned growing up inside the experiment. Would you be willing to go back to the experiment even if you were still aware that you were being monitored and every thing was fake or would you try to make the best of this brave new world? Note that an example of what could be common practice in this real world is that parents eat unwanted children or something equally horrible.

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    that sounds very much out of the matrix.

    and a loose spin on the concept of maya.
    It ain't pretty,After the show,It ain't pretty when the pretty leaves you,
    With no place to go,If you think you need it,Here's the place to feed it,But it ain't pretty....
    Arm yourself because no-one else here will save you,The odds will betray you,And I will replace you,
    You can't deny the prize it may never fulfill you,It longs to kill you,Are you willing to die?
    The coldest blood runs through my veins,You know my name...
    Ode to the carnage of one resident modship.......


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