Another topic idea that's been bothering Pyro...;__;

The topic of the day is...Magical Girls!! Yay!

So you can come and talk about how they rock to how they suck. XD

Some basic elements in a magical girl series:

Magical pet/partner: Mainly, magical girls would have these pets or some type of partner to help them learn their magic or just do some sort of support. Examples: Luna from Sailor Moon, Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura, those magical pendants in Magical Lyrical Nanoha, etc.

Magical wands/ weapons: Though wands are commonly used, magical girls would have some weapon to help them invoke their skills. The wands are usually prettily decorated with maybe a heart or star design somewhere on it. Though Fate's weapon (Magical Lyrical Nanoha) takes the cake since scythes are the uber awesomeness.

Dresses: One of the main reasons I love magical girl anime. The dresses. <3 The dresses would also be prettily decorated with frills!! Frills!!! Clamp's Cardcaptor Sakura is just full of wonderful dresses! <3 Kero would also have matching outifts with Sakura, but it seems Tomoyo suddenly stopped making them early in the series.

Transformation: Transformation scenes! They can be beautiful with some elegance in there, or just seizure scenes. @_@ The magical girl would summon up this transformation scene to go into their dresses...Though the enemy would never have it in them to actually attack during these scenes...

Teh magic: What's a magical girl without some magic? The magic differes from each series, but it's still magic. XD

-Any of the above, magical girls in general, or just anything about magical girls.