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    SAT's are based on how well you can cope IN COLLEGE.
    It's not some intellectual IQ testing (well kinda). it just censors to see if you can handle college material.

    That and there's the fact that SAT questions are inherently separate from what's thought in standard schooling.

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    No, SAT's don't test how well you can deal with college material, its how well you've absorbed current material. There's no college level stuff on the SAT, its all high school. That's why is a projective sort of test.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dante Obscuri View Post
    I once read an article that said that the SAT was racist fro using words such as "regatta", which is a sport better known by people with higher standards of life, while it is not well known by poor people.

    I think this one, is the article I read that from.
    But, uh, a test with a Vocabulary section is supposed to use advanced words. Being rich makes it more likely for you to know the word, but such is the case with vocabulary tests in general, and they can't just throw out the vocab section because of that.

    Besides, a poor person with a library card can gain a huge vocabulary fairly easily.

    Quote Originally Posted by shinigamiwolf View Post
    You're more likely higher to score to in the SAT believe it not if your taking it while your in the 7, 8, 9 grade because everything math related in the SAT revolves around those years of school, while the people in 11, 12 forget all the basics and move on to more complicated stuff like stat/calc 2 where the SAT has none of that. It's more of a rememberance thing above all else. English is just to seperate the literate from illiterate.... that's what I did bad in too, go figure.
    The math section is Algebra I, Geometry, and early parts of Algebra II. Algebra I is a freshman class in a lot of places (though I took it in 6th grade).

    You're not more likely to score higher in 7th-9th grade because of that, anyways, because you keep applying those basics in higher level math courses. Furthermore, your English score will go up as your vocabulary expands, which it tends to do as you get older.

    Quote Originally Posted by shinigamiwolf View Post
    And no CI i don't believe that's it's only function, but it is it's main function. You can tell the SATs are not really important as the government had a few discussions about whether or not they should keep giving it to us.
    That's no sign that they aren't really important, and you're completely wrong about racial identification being the main function.
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