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    Default Interracial Relationships

    so i was watching a Spike Lee Joint (aka movie) called Jungle Fever (it was quite good much better than that 6.3 would denote). A movie about a black architect cheating on his wife with an Italian girl, getting found out and having both neighborhoods up in arms about how incredibly wrong it was and its shameful to both to be involved. and i got to thinkin. should it really matter if you are dating, in love with, or even just madly sexually attracted to someone whos not your "race". would it be better to give in to the pressure and deny yourself? would you only go halfway and keep it a secret or run away? or would you openly take the heat and blaze through it for something you feel in your heart is right?

    personally im not sure, ive been stereotyped so many times by my friends and family that i feel im unfortunately expected not to marry someone whos of my race. i dont have any preference when it comes to people, im one of those disgusting liberal assholes who looks at people for who they are not what they look like.... yada yada yada. i hope to develop a more detailed outlook as i try to escape the 'hood but in realistic statistics... im more likely not to end up with someone of my own race if i properly project myself into society objectively. guh so complicated.

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    Race is no barrier. Especially if he's a Roman named Bigus Dikus.

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    I said no, but I forgot about Asian women, so my actual answer should be yes. I'm not being racist, its just my prefference. It should also be noted that I have nothing against interacial relationships, I don't see why race is important.

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    I would I know that it would be accepted by my grand parents and I know that the only reason my mom is worried about them is that she doesn't want me to get hurt. But I don't really care about race it just if I'm attracted to a person or not.

    Plus interracial babies are so cute.

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    I don't really care about race, yet I won't deny that I have (physical) preference over caucasian women. I'm the kind of man that prefers personality over body traits (in this case, her ethnicity). A woman can bet as hot as a Greek Goddess (let's say white, blond, blue-eyed and such for a cliché but if she's shallow, her personality will end up overshadowing her physical appeal.

    Nonetheless, I've seen black women that I've liked; like Beyoncé or Mya. I've also seen Asian, Indian and Arabic women (whose names I don't remember) that I've found physically appealing.

    To summarize things up, I don't have anything against interracial relationships, and if I find a woman with a different ethnicity than mine, but I find like her personality up to the point that I fall in love with her, I wouldn't have a problem in accepting my feelings.

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    Love is color blind. Race doesn't matter to love.
    Besides, race isn't even that important in a relationship. We all might have different preferances over race, but in the end, it's about love and not skin color.
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    Interracial people are supposed to be more beautiful, actually - I read a study about it once. And I have to say that seems to be true for a cousin of mine. :3 He's absolutely adorable. ^_^

    Myself, sure, why not, if I liked the guy. What's the big deal about it? And as for the people who oppose it, would they still do so if they met someone they really liked who was of a different race?

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    I wouldn't mind being in an interracial relationship. Nothing wrong with it.
    But I'm usually attracted to people of my own race. I'm not racist! It's like how gay people are only attracted to the same sex and straight people are only attracted to the opposite sex. I guess, I can relate to them more and etc.

    But there's still nothing wrong with interracial relationships.

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    Doesn't matter to me as long as the guy meets my standards. I'm usually attracted to white guys or asain guys. But I wouldn't mind being in an interracial relationship.

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    Maybe it's because I'm from a different background to some of ya'll but I wouldn't even have considered it being an issue. I mean if anybody in my family was to have a problem with it I'd tell them to go get fucked. In fact my first girlfriend was mixed race and she was Fine. In fact she became a model and went on to that Pop Idol nonsense, I think she got quite far from what I remember.. But yeah damn straight I would. As long as the girl in question isn't a fuckmook then s'all good.

    Quote Originally Posted by Digital_Eon View Post
    Interracial people are supposed to be more beautiful, actually
    Quoted for scientific truth


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