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    Krytha is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    facebook has a group called Multi people are so fllyyyy and there's tons of pictures of mixed people. So if you want hot kids, go inter.

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    MiraS-chan is offline Member Frequent Poster
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    As long as you truelly love a person you don't care so much about such things,from my point of view they are minor things plus that will make us a little bit rasist!Well I have never been in a relation of this type,maybe because in my country aren't many races!
    So now if we think more and see the race as problem we coudl also see the age and the religion as a problem.From my point of view I don't have nothing with a relation where the peopel are of different races but I guess it would feel a little strange but where there's love those problems loose from their importance.Ah but yeah I think I would have a problem with the age in the sense that a difference of more than maximum 20 years would be too strange!

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    i dunno about the age thing, some women or men just require more maturity than is available in their age group. 20 years isnt that much, like a college professor dating one of his students...

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    In your instincts...


    Hum... I don't have any problem with interracial relationships because here in Brazil almost everyone descends from an interracial relationship. If I'm not mistaken, most of Latin America are like that too. Few exceptions would be the japanese (the biggest outside Japan), chinese and korean communities in São Paulo, but they are more open to interracial relationships right now than their brothers in Asia.

    I consider myself, in part, in an interracial relationship right now, but just because of our ancestors. Though both of us are brazilian, raised in the same country and culture, she comes from an italian family and I am a mix of native american, african american and portuguese/italian.

    Anyway, for me there is no problem. I guess in the rest of Latin America is also like that too because of the whole miscigenation throughout our continent's history.

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    It doesn't matter! As long as he/she is good looking and has great personality
    And interracial couple always ends up having a very beautiful spouse...

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    MadDogMike is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    It's pretty hard to avoid an interracial relationship in Australia. I have no problems with it.

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    wow... this is about a year old necro.




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