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    Default The New Username Thread

    since assholes got it locked the first time AND we have a influx of active new members im remaking my baby.

    where did you get your username.

    mine comes from me being a rollercoaster enthusiast and the longest tallest fastest normal circuit rollercoaster on earth is Steel Dragon 2000, since i came up with this in 1999 i dropped the 2000 since it wasnt that year and i thought SteelDragon was just too cheesy. Since i always wanted to be and am practicing to be a master thief (Danny Ocean my hero) i changed it to StealDragon and viola... here i am, StealDragon.
    im a bit spastic so ive gone by other monikers (usually in IRC), Kholdstare, The Milk Junkie, Nogard Laets, Touko-Sensei, Apathy, LeCoqNoir... and thats about it.

    anyways post your names history.

    I'd like to die with the songs I love stuck in my head. I hope to make the most of these hollow bones we become.
    I raise a toast to the the souls that sang all along. I've been gathering friends to just to make some sounds,
    before the ship goes down, I've been making amends by making the rounds before the whole world ends

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    We were studying Beowulf in Lit12 last year and I thought it sounded kewl. I was gonna use Dante since that was my gaming handle at the time but it was taken. And the "0" is there since Beowulf is also taken...

    I'm known either as be0wulf or Dante in all the forums I frequent. So if you see one, be sure to say hi

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    I live on the moon.


    I like saying the word Poo because it sounds cool. Also, it's short and easy to remember.

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    The 1/4 Mile


    DuneKoon = Dunecoon raicial slur for Arab(me) since 2000

    Titan = Game name ex favorite FootBall team.

    King Pin = I just liked the name

    SAND_MAN = Volvolgga didint like me using the name DuneKoon(might cause problems)

    "Let my ears hear not but the most sinful of lyrics"

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    An Englishman in a shithole somewhere in Wales.


    I got mine from high school (it was my username for the school computers), its the year I joined the school, followed by my initial and then the first five letters of my surname.
    "1998" + "Adam" + "Bailey-Brown" = 98abaile

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    In my house.


    Tetnubis - Tetsuo + Annubis.

    They were two of my favorite characters, Tetsuo from Akira, Annubis from Z.O.E.
    Cant remember when i decided to use it.

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    Third Neopets account name (the second was a joint account). I liked using "digi" or "digital" related names at the time, and due to a Pokemon obsession, I noticed that all Eevee evolutions had names ending in -eon. So... Digital_Eon. And then my main account got hacked and I switched to this one.

    Wow, I've been using this name for six and a half years...

    I've also gone by DarkDigiDudette, but that's 'cause I had a friend who used the name Darkdigidude and I wanted to annoy him. =P

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    Fox River State Penitentiary


    Mine is obviously from bleach,Hitsugaya toushiro the 05 is my favorite number
    and my birthday...and my b-ball jersey number...and my favorite basketball
    players number
    New Jersey nets - jason kidd...

    Names i currently use in other forums ------Onibaku05 thats about all
    onibaku from shounan junai gumi..

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    i really wanted the username oneshot, but some NON ACTIVE punk has it. = (
    so i used my nickname my friends call me. And i think Deuce was used too! i just added some "2"s to it. =\.

    btw, is there a way a mod or something can change my name? pleaseeee...this "oneshot" person doesnt even exist on the forums. =(

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    I was a Naruto fanboy at that time...


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