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Thread: Which is worse?

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    CPR, you silly naive girl.

    Do you really think I would ever let myself get caught with murder?

    No, your average killer has absolutely no idea of how to properly dispose of bodies, not to mention how to leave no evidence of the deed.

    Once you have found your target, you take them down in a spot where there are no observers of any sort. You imeaditely grab the body, place some material over whatever wound was created in killing them, [or not if you taser them or such] place them in a double bagged garbage bag, put them in your vehicle, and return to your already setup disposal in some out of the way place. Firstly, this place should not have anyone come look around for at least a few days, but preferably weeks, and optimisticly months.

    You should make sure there is running water in this location. You take the clothes off the body, dispose of them properly [burn them in an aerated mixture] and then place the body in a tub or the like, something immune to corrosion by all but the most potent of basic/acidic substances. Fill the tub with a basic substance like drano to disolve away everything but the high concentrations of calcium [bones] and then flush out the drano and replace with an acid. Voila, you have now removed all evidence of your murder, assuming you where intelligent enough to not get caught in the act of killing the person. [Pretty damned difficult to do if your smarter than a crackhead, you'd only need 2 minutes to kill the person and get them out of site, then another two or three minutes to throw some acid/base over any gore if you killed them messily]

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    sperm worm is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    In my opinion, both are equally bad. I'd never want them to happen to any friend or family member of mine, but i know the feeling of someone being raped. I've had a friend get raped before by a kid i knew, and I went PSYCHO on him. i probably would've killed him, had my other friend not knocked me out and got me the hell away from there (I had beaten the shit out of him and was beating his face against the wall after he was unconcious).
    Yes, I have an anger problem... And yes, I'd do it again. If ANY friend or family member of mine got raped, I would HUNT DOWN THE BASTARD WHO DID IT.

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    Talamare is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    Rape is bad, but you can live thru it
    and you can recover from its effect and live a perfectly normal life

    Murder is pretty much dead end for you

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    flash is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Quote Originally Posted by 98abaile View Post
    Thats like saying malaria is a form of cancer. You don't want either, but they are completely unrelated. And whats worse, rape or the common cold?
    ok not just common disease, what I meant was major disease, genetic disorder (Ectodermal dysplasia, Cri du chat syndrome, etc) that might not have any cure yet but you still can live through it.

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    jamie1990 is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    It depends.

    but on average I'd say rape isn't as bad as murder.

    afterall rape isn't necessarily violent, it could just be drugging someone then doing it while they're asleep. best case scenario the victim might just wake up and never know about it.

    on the other hand rape could cause great psychological damage to the victim and they might live the rest of their lives miserably, perhaps having to look after the child of the offender depending on their religion and culture. This could easily be seen as worse than death.

    but I think what tips it for me is that murder usually has a greater effect on other people. the family of the victim. For example if a mother or child in a family was raped (and wasn't murdered afterwards by the rapist) then it would certainly have a great impact on the family: they might feel angry, depressed, guilty. but eventually they would be able to continue with their lives. However if the provider of a family was murdered, not only would there be the same sadness as if a member of a family was raped, there is a good chance that the family of the victim would become impoverished.
    It could well ruin all of their lives permanently.

    The fault in this observation is that the same could be said if the victim was raped, and then committed suicide afterwards but even so on balance, murder is worse because though rape has a greater shock value, the consequences have potential to not be very dire at all. and though it can affect families as badly as murder, it doesn't do so as often, especially with the councilling available in many countries.

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    coolerimmortal is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Ish, you and I think alike. That's scary.

    But yeah, rape is worse, in my view.

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    hermit78 is offline Senior Member Well Known
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    ppl who get raped have chance to recover with the help of psychologists
    but getting killed there is no cure
    PS: to jamie1990 women who choose to or get forced to give birth to the rapist child shouldn't live miserably after all half of the child (genes) is their baby and it never was the childs fault but i honestly hate religions who force the women to keep their babies

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    StealthMoose is offline Senior Member Respected Member
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    Quote Originally Posted by p00 View Post
    ..I'm a female and it can happen to me.
    And if through a miscarriage of justice I went to jail? My arse would be up for rent faster then I could clench in fear.

    Anyway yeah they are both as bad to me, but if it were to happen to me, I'd rather get raped any day over get murdered. Not because I'm like trivialising the trauma or being raped, but because, as has been said already, you can get over it. And then I could devote a fair portion of my time to finding em and getting medieval, Marsellus Wallace style.

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    $ylas is offline Senior Member Respected Member
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    I al$o think that murder i$ worse. becau$e you can recover (p$ychologi$t$) after been rape but you cant recover the fact of been death. (obviu$ly)
    Last edited by $ylas; 12-07-2006 at 07:30 PM. Reason: O.o xD I didnt notice. SD you forgot the fir$t $ of "p$ychologi$t$) lol.

    DONT click this

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    Quote Originally Posted by $ylas View Post
    I al$o think that murder i$ worse. becau$e you can recover (psychologi$t$) after been rape but you cant recover the fact of been death. (obviusly)
    you missed a couple "S"'s XDXDXD

    anyways. murder is easy to conceal and even if you did it there are plenty of BETTER ways than how ishman ended his thing. i would have made it impossible to identify the body by burning off or cutting off the fingerprints and breaking off the lower jaw. accounting for the person not having his dna on file itd basically be a john doe. the disposal id just go to the piers at night climb the railings and cinderblock the body with nylon rope.

    rape however is much more malicious and cannot be justified like murder and is also quite impossible to physically conceal the damage done by the deed. not only is it a travesty of honor and respect it just shows a lack of self control and an unwilliness to try. its almost always much more random and can make one wish they were dead. and if rape causes people to wish they were murdered, i think it qualifies as a worse crime.

    @cpr. nah thats what i thought, adultery does have an exceedingly broad definition like almost everything else in the bible and can be interpreted as such. funny how adultery back then was punished by murder when the next commandment is not to kill XD

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