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    Default Whats your favorite time of year?

    kind of slim pickings (quote COS XP) in chitchat these days, with all the rampant homo shit and rape discussion all over. anyway i stole this thread as a nice cool thread about the times of the year that we look forward to.

    im a late winter-early spring kind of person like from March to May. its fun looking forward to my birthday, and i like the weather, its usually rainy and gloomy which i love. plus its cold enough to wear hoodies, but can pop up and be good enough for shorts. plus the allergy season hasnt hit full force yet and its a great time to go outside and do something. as matter of fact i intend on spending my time this upcoming spring re-learning inline skating.

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    I like the winter because it snows .... well not where I live, but ... yeah.
    Altho, I can't stand the cold ... :/

    Summer's too hot. Can't stand the hot.

    I'm just too picky :P

    I like spring and fall. When everything is born and then dies. =D
    The temperature is quite nice too.

    You can choose to wear a sweater/jacket or not.
    Skirts or shorts are fine too. Altho, I usually just wear jeans no matter what's going on outside :P be it a rain, snow (i wish T^T) or melting temperature.

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    Probably spring, I have horrible allergies but I like the rain and the overcast skies (when the weather happens to be like that).

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    Fall, the leaves are falling and the tmperature is just right. Not to hot, but it isn't too cold either. Plus it rains alot during the fall, which is a plus in my book. Days are short and nice.

    Only bad thing about that time of the year though is that school is usually back, or it starts in the fall. Summer is my second since well, no school(unless you have summer school)

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    Summer - humidity is gay
    fall - my second fav.
    winter - snow is a gay, makes driving gay (but fun for drifting and sliding around)
    spring - ftw.

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    I love the wintertime, probably because I like seeing girls in their winter coats. I think it's cute.

    And, if it's cold, just wear more clothes, if it's hot, only so many clothes you can take off.

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    I like winter because I like it when it rains or when the sky is really grey. Sure it gets really cold but that's what sweaters are made for, right? I just really like grey weathers.

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    summer: sun, sea, hellova lot of parties, travelling

    winter: snow, skiing, iceskating, snowball fights, skiing trips with buddies

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    I would have to say that I like the winter. Only for the simple reason that for some reason unbeknownst(sp) to me I actually get good nights of sleep in the winter while during the rest of the year I usually get around 3 hours of sleep a night.
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    spring and summer

    and anytime its warm


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