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    Post Get acquainted with StopTazmo owner

    Yosh! Here some information for you:

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    What are those 25 pages supposed to prove?

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    u know not every random kane out there is gonna b the same as the admin here
    If uve gotta draw the line sumwhere, make sure its drawn in pencil

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    weird... links to NF ?

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    ^ is tazmo...
    Read page 8...

    EDIT :
    Quote Originally Posted by saint vertigo
    Ahh, "tazmo", where had I seen that before? It's the nickname of the owner of the site. So if "kane" owns the IP address, he likely has quite a lot of domains, and it was written up in a terror report.
    EDIT2 : Page 15 get more interesting...

    Quote Originally Posted by TalonKarrde
    What? This is from, which also has "Reliable Dual Xeon servers with Attack Protection from Kane55686." on top of the manga pages.

    Is this Kane posing as Kevin Shiel? But why would he do that, if the name is listed on the StopKane website? Who is Tazmo? How is he connected in all of this?
    Quote Originally Posted by TalonKarrde
    I hate the 15 minute edit timer....

    Anyway, I've done some more digging and this is about what I can gather:

    Kane found out Tazmo (Kevin Shiel)'s password, and used it to gain access to the account, assuming that the user is Kevin, and not Kane tangling the web. That, or he brute forced it.

    Anyway, he used that to help create the 'evidence' on stoptazmo -

    The google links come up with mailing list results, and the kevin shiel email is used - He could just be spoofing it, I suppose, but it seems likely that he has access to the account and the ability to check the emails sent to it. It's conjecture though, but not really important.

    Looking at the supposed Tazmo postings, Kane makes the mistake of responding almost instantly, every time.

    I guess him using Kevin Shiel on his website is just him being an ***, or at some point he felt it would help him in his cause.

    But Kane is apparently still running around.

    Edit: To sum it up-

    1) Kane is currently running
    2) He's using the kevin shiel email adress in several places, might or might not have acess to it
    3) He is using or spoofing the email to send messages to mailing lists posing as Tazmo saying that if you donate to NarutoFan (I'm assuming this is a site Tazmo runs), you gain access to his child porn collection
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    Default gets attacked on a weekly basis and I decide to blame the first person who walks across the door in front of me.

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    I always laugh at stupidity (even my own) and this is highly amusing ^^

    EDIT: How did I manage to get my post between Jyuu and CPR, even though I posted after CPR??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Compjotr View Post
    I always laugh at stupidity (even my own) and this is highly amusing ^^

    EDIT: How did I manage to get my post between Jyuu and CPR, even though I posted after CPR??
    CPR cheats!!

    I didnt see your nor Jyuu's post before, but I saw cpr's.

    Load's of stuff in that page, currently reading page 8, so far doesnt seem good. <.<


    again cpr's post is below! stop cheating!!

    Wanna understand my siggie? Watch out for this forum troll. Click

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    Quote Originally Posted by babiasu View Post
    Yosh! Here some information for you:
    (1) was the biggesttttttttt load of crap I've ever seen. The creator of is Tazmo. (No surprise there.). In it were lies along the line that said "Kane is a 14 year old kid named Derek Little from Florida who got in trouble with the federal law and is forbidden from using computers!" was taken down months ago because nobody believed it and knew that Tazmo only created it as revenge since Kane made "". That is why "" links back to "" (which is Tazmo's home town.

    (2) Regarding these "attacks" I think that this quote pretty much explains my feelings:
    Quote Originally Posted by joepeshi539890
    I think this thread is a total joke.

    You know what I see? I see 24 pages of people who claimed to have been attacked by Kane55686, they claim to have confessions. They claim to have proof, but you know what? I see 24 pages, and I don’t even see one line from any log. I don’t see anyone with any AIM conversations where Kane55686 admits to attacking any of these websites.

    All I see are people spreading rumors about getting attacked, and simply guessing it was Kane55686. Someone could be setting up him, watching certain threads, then attacking.

    We all know how the Anime community works. Someone does not like your site you get attacked. It happens all the time. Even if you are not in the Anime community, how many hosts get attacked? It happens every day. It happens to almost everyone.

    I think what’s happening here is most people have NO idea what’s going on, I would not be surprised if some of these people here just don’t know how to run servers, the site goes down, they figure it was some kind of attack, or maybe it really is an attack, how will we really no? It’s been months, 24 pages, and not one single line from any logs have been posted. I see one person claiming they have Kane55686’s IP in their site logs. So what?

    The only thing I really see is children complaining and no proof an attack has even taken place. 24 pages and no real logs at all posted, something just does not add up here.

    I’m calling shenanigans on all of you.
    edit: now that's weird. I posted this around 4:56, but the database says I posted at 5:56. HAHAHAHAHAHAaaaaaaaaaa

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    Because clearly Kane has the time to be fucking around like that.


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