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    Engineering and technology

    "thinking of building a bunch of star cruisers lol
    The Black Cat of the Reapers Team!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Issalroc
    No way cooler. You'd have to find troops and command the world you dominated, and still there is no guarantee that even with all knowledge you'll be able to win.
    You could be politically manipulated, betrayed or assassinated(out of war).
    With infinite knowledge of war, I could raise an army from basically any functioning group of people. "Infinity" would allow me to outwit my opponents no matter what, even if I was outnumbered a thousand to one and without weapons.

    Nice loophole

    Keep in mind, also, that having infinite knowledge of war would make it quite easy to gain allies. Once they figure out that I cannot be defeated...

    Quote Originally Posted by Ishman
    Engineering and technology.

    Allies cooler?

    I'll provide the Nukes, Tanks, and troops.
    Oh, and the Orbital Weapons Platforms.

    Now we just need some rich bastard to finance our war.

    And no politicians. Ever.

    And hey, while we're at it, why not a Moon base, with a planet spanning railgun.
    Deal. Moon base sounds good, too. Let's get one of the History people to help us by predicting the future, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Weero
    Biology and medicine

    I soooooo want to learn how to use the theoretical power of bio-feedback.

    With that said, who wants to team up with me to make a real life CP9 organization?
    You can join us. You'll create bioweapons.

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    Biology and Medicine.

    Selling: secrets of longevity, secrets of resurrection, secrets of fatal diseases, secrets of clinical immortality, secrets on how to clone Chuck Norris, and most importantly secrets on how to increase the size of your penis even larger.

    Join the movement today.

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    biology and medicine- learning it is going to take over my life until i reach the doctor's ripe age of 50
    Looks like we're finally here,

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    Language and linguistics.
    Culture and Society.
    Geography and Places.
    --All three pairs are perfect for the wanderlustee me.

    Biology and Medicine would also come in handy. Reminds me of Tenma's doctor deeds while travelling to look for Johan.
    Nomadity is bliss.
    But once you conquer the world, then comes the hard part.
    What kind of world would you create?

    -Johan [Monster]


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