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    Quote Originally Posted by Uchiko
    Blasphemy! You must repent! bringing me nachos, which I will then eat while attempting to take them to the almighty fetus, so you shall burn anyways.
    So, my repenting is, serving you and burning away?
    I'd rather just live with true knowledge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cold-NiTe
    I'm gonna need a one sentence synopsis of what you just said.

    And yes, I do want to discuss, I just have no idea what to respond to.
    These are my first thoughts, verbatim.

    But I really do think this can be an interesting discussion, so I'm going to make some weak attempt to revive this after (hopefully) giving it a little direction.

    Have there ever been situations that you have compared to a manga? Were they specific, thematic, or more like an arc.

    I think I can speak for all of us when I say that I have on several occasions wished things were like the specifics of a manga pseudo-universe, but I do think that a lot of arcs and themes can be translated into "real life."

    What can you learn from manga? And yes, I know this is going to spawn a lot of joking responses, but thats fine.

    So, I guess feel free to respond to any or all of the above.

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    If I were to delve into the whole heart of it, I'd be very split on calling it escapist desire or claiming that the possibility exists. The reasons why we could call it escapist are self evident. But aside from that, the rest just depends on your frame of mind. Bear with me for a second. Sure, life isn't full of slapstick comedy or overbearing emotions. But that's the beauty of it. That's what makes fiction the eternal imitation. The moments of greatest comedic value are usually overlooked because our faces are red with embarrassment. The times we really feel those powerful bonds and are crushed by emotions... we're too busy being pushed up against the wall by our own feelings. Life can only feel like fiction when you are the observer. Otherwise, it's our total immersion that makes it real. Immersion is what seperates reality from falsehood. That's why when people speak of virtual reality in any format, they speak expansively on the subject of immersion.

    So is your life like some work of fiction? Perhaps.

    But you'll be the last person to know.
    Dear cousin choppitychop89, you were a good relative, though I hardly knew ye.


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