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    Black James Vain is offline Banned Well Known
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    Default He's either dead, or in jail.

    This is basically the posts of a certain user on a certain message board a week ago. He hasn't logged in since.


    Topic title: HOLY ****! I'm RICH! But I may be dead soon....

    Post 1:

    Okay, so these black people moved in across the street and a couple houses over. Every night there's been arguments and such. About I heard a loud boom! I don't really think much of it because they've been setting off fireworks since July 4th and it hasn't really stopped. But I still look outside but I see everybody running, getting in cars and driving off. I'm really bored. Long story short. I went to see if there's any blood, and there wasn't. But! There was an envelope full of money. I took it and ran hoping there was money or drugs. There was money. I didn't count it yet. Pics soon

    Post 18:

    Nevermind, it's working now: First pic is the envelope.

    Post 45:

    HO HO HO HOLY ****. The doorbell just rang and my mom yelled "I'LL GET IT!!" I didn't want her to die or know about what I found. But it turned out to be UPS. My guitar picks came in. YAYA!!

    I apologize for the lack of speed of pics but I swear to vinshu that it's taking forever to upload.

    Post 57:

    I'M RICH *****

    The next posts by him are about asking what to do, he then decides on depositing it all in the bank.

    Post 105:

    Anyway, I'm going to the bank right now. Only problem is, the black people are back and I have to drive past the house to get out of the neighborhood. They seem to be walking around the neighborhood. I have to wait till they get to the end and then haul ass out of here. Pray for me guys. Whoever your god is. Even if you don't believe in one.

    It all works out fine. Up until he mentioned that he deposited around 4k in one go. If it was counterfeit/stolen then he's in trouble. He should have broken it up and spent it elsewhere far from his town.

    Post 189:

    nah I don't really. He's got a point. But um...I think it's a wrap guys. I feel my time is going to be cut short. I was looking out the window and they were shooting basketballs on my neighbor's basketball hoop and throwing a football around. So I turn on my camera to get pics for LUE, and took a pic.


    I always keep the flash off. And for whatever ****ing reason...the goddamn camera automatically turns the flash on everytime it gets turned on. So it flashed. They stopped playing and looked up at my window. And I'm scared now

    And that's his last post. Dated a week ago. Uhoh.

    Though to be fair, he is rather good looking. The money really brings out his inner beauty. >_____________________>

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    Dascu is offline Senior Member Long Time Member
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    Thanks for the photos, now we know who to look for.

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    blizzar180 is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    Default he hears the boom, sees them get the hell out of there...and thinks it's safe to steal from them?

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    DivineVTDragon is offline Senior Member Long Time Member
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    I think he's alive somewhere in Missouri. No one ever checks Missouri.

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    An Englishman in a shithole somewhere in Wales.


    Thanks, they will remember to now.

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    Krytha is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    He should just be a hobo... Nobody ever checks a hobo's underwear for cash envelopes.

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    Tevesh is offline Senior Member Long Time Member
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    He's a whitey. Whitey's don't have +5 to deal like blackies. They do have +15 to job checks, including forgery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DivineVTDragon
    I think he's alive somewhere in Missouri. No one ever checks Missouri.
    I'm in Missouri. I'll check.

    AK: If that's real (which I doubt), that's hilarious.

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    That man is a genius. He ran TOWARDS the "boom" while everyone else ran away. God rewarded him with cash prizes.
    Dear cousin choppitychop89, you were a good relative, though I hardly knew ye.

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    He's dead - I saw him buried in the field by my house the other day.
    I didn't bother to call the cops - I don't want to be next X_X

    (great laugh btw)
    My Fangirlish Site is up again. Be sure to update favs/bookmarks


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