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    Quote Originally Posted by Ishman
    Gundams suck hard.

    And I've got a better material than their shitty armor.

    It would be a composite material made purely from Carbon Nanotubes with a core of some element [no buckling making them unbelieavbly strong] and Aggragated Diamond Nanorods to take the most extreme compressive forces and to deflect abrasive properties [at joints and as a surface coating to protect from atmospheric abrasion, bullets, laser ablation, spalding, etc.]
    Rofl 1 square inch of that would cost like $9.999x10^10

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwistedFaith
    Well this is going to sound stupid but I thought robotic bees would be a pretty effective weapon, make them remote, and solar powered, and make it so thier stinger gives as powerful of a sting you can give without jeopardizing them, so if you swarm these its be almost impossible to shoot them, you could hide them anywhere, and if they're solar powered you wouldnt need to fuel them, also you wouldnt need to kill you enemy either, so its a peaceful solution to victory(now I dont care about carnage, but it would make it all the more easier to deploy these without getting a backlash from the public).

    I know it sounds stupid, but I think its a pretty cool idea.

    Sorry for going off topic.
    What next? You gonna call the dogs out on me? Or the bees? Or the dogs that bark and when they bark they shoot bees out of their mouths? Huh? Huh? (Interesting idea though, yours that is, not my blatant theft.)

    Quote Originally Posted by LordMelkor
    Rofl 1 square inch of that would cost like $9.999x10^10
    That's why you never see the man give anyone a price quote when it comes to his gadgets. It will always be a pipe dream for everyone but the very elite, cash-wise.
    Dear cousin choppitychop89, you were a good relative, though I hardly knew ye.

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    And that's why I said we could theoretically build these, but it ain't happenin.

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    Yeah, I'm pretty convinced I can take that. Also, can the thing look down? Like, to shoot its guns?

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    Pretty cool but I think currently it's before it's time. That one in particular would be done in if a car hit it or if a bazooka was fired into the cockpit. However I'll agree that if the technology was invested in a bit more, maybe to make it faster and more easily maveuverable, with heavy armor (tankish) and it'll be something to reckon with. ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black James Vain

    Bringer of death? More like 'Hi there, I eat RPGs'.
    Saw it on YouTube's front page a while ago. Some guy must be like:



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