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    Default The mystery...'s of the anime&manga world

    all the things that if you ask you get "nice weather toaday" or "gosh forgot I got some house cleaning to do"... if you know them all you get a prize!! [the knowladge itself is a prize *wise look*] here goes: 1) We all know anime hair goes aginst the law of how come it moves in the wind?? 2) Why does some char always got a bandaid on their nose/cheek? what injury is so bad it never heals?? 3) How come when kids grow up, their head get smaller?? [kida got big heads and grown-up got little] 4) How come no one never have bad hair day?? they always fix their hair in a sec, should'nt it be all messy? 5) Why does all school kids got so much free time, and can skip classes in order to fight crime or somthing, but they never flunk? 6) Does banana count as snack? ....well it's not an anime/manga question...but I have been wandering...does it? we all ask ourselved this question sooner or later...lets share our knowladge and study this great questions!! *fired up*
    ~I'm a proud Yoh obssessed~

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    Hey, I got another question for you: Are you fucking retarded?

    1. Normally they don't, but when they do, it's for dramatic effect, and plus, wind has nothing to do with gravity, dumbass.
    2. It's been a fad in Japan to wear "cute" band-aids on various parts of the body.
    3. Because that's how it normally is. Look at a baby or toddler, then look at an adult. This stuff is anatomically correct, not a mystery.
    4. They sometimes DO have bad hair days, you just don't read or watch the right series.
    5. Because in the Japan the school system makes it so that flunking is nearly impossible.
    6. Why wouldn't a banana count as a snack? Shit, bukkake can count as a snack if you want it to.

    And I've never asked myself these questions, you're just stupid.

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    Bukkake. Ew.

    We need better mystery"Wtf?"

    Oh em gee'z, answer that one. :\
    "I'm a Forum Junkie...Hear me roar."

    "Please don't tell me that's poisonous gas.." "What are you, retarded? The label above the vent says 'Ya'll gonna die, mothafucka'z!'"

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    why don't you read the 100 rules of anime here

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    that's it. I'm sick of these anime/manga discussions in Chit Chat.

    Everyone performing anime/manga topics in Chit Chat will receive bans.




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