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    Quote Originally Posted by nataku_0
    Ugh, someone take over for me. I have to examine two long examinations of my long posts, making this reply even longer than it needs to be.

    Also, this is spanning into other catagories of Christianity, truth, etc. Which I suppose is inevitable, because they obviously relate to one another, as in Cooler's mention of absolute morals and truths.

    I believe this was one reason why I stopped posting for a while. Things went in circles, digressed to the point that the main argument had been severely obscured (wasn't this about the UN?).

    I believe that we can no longer debate about th Bible. I should have thought so from the beginning, seeing how many of you guys aren't believers anyways. So even as I show you scriptural evidence, it doesn't matter.

    That being the case, I believe I can sum up the main point of the argument into a simple question, which while short and concise, cannot be overlooked and ignored if we wish to continue:

    If the Bible says that homosexuality is wrong and immoral, why should that be a moral standard for non-Christians?

    Am I wrong? Well, assuming this is our first hurdle before we can move on, I'll start with this: Absolute morals and truths exist.

    Now I know this has been debated to death once before..but why not once more.. Maybe we should even make a different thread just for that. What do you think?
    Eh, might as well. It's 2:43 AM here, and my brain is fried.

    Quote Originally Posted by Talamare
    On the gay issue
    i personally dont like the idea of gayness at all
    i dont like people who act faggedy(if thats even a word)

    i dont care if you gay and you like it, you dont have to act like a fag

    theres a difference between a normal gay guy and a faggy gay guy
    youre gay thats fine, you act cool and you respect me enough not to hit on me

    note you dont have to be gay to a fag, straight guys can act faggy too, and i wont like you then either lol

    your justification doesnt matter, in my opinion, justification is used after everythings said and done to find relief, if you dont like gay guy or if you are a gay guy just let that be your justification, you dont have to run to the bible, or relate to animals or all that none sense

    just say youre gay and proud
    not im gay cause there was gay people in the 1500's or im gay cause animals are gay too, because its idiotic

    i dont think anyone is born gay but i havent studied brain science or phychology so i wouldnt know for sure

    another thing, not everyone has to like everyone, and yes bigotry exist and prejudism and blah blah blah, yes it exist, and who cares

    do you feel proud of yourself saying "OMG YOU BIGOT!" the person youre saying it to probably doesnt care if he is or isnt

    and like it was said about the deprogramming gay people, its same thing for bigots often, and many other people that are certain way, people can change and change is good, but it doesnt mean everything has to change

    and as for gay marrige, wth would it matter if it they get married or not, the reason one gets married is to have sex according to the old ways right? abstinence doesnt happy often this day and age, so it doesnt even matter

    and yes i know my grammer sux, and sentence structure is even worse




    Yeah. You fail. Big time.

    Out the door you go. Don't come back until you gain intelligence. I disagree with Nataku here, but I recognize that he is quite intelligent. You don't merit such distinction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talamare
    dont care if you gay and you like it, you dont have to act like a fag
    Although Talamare is making a huge mockery of his "Respected Member" status, I gotta say something about this line.

    I gotta kind of agree with his general gist right here. I'm not homophobic or anythinig like that at all, but I do find it kind of irritating when you get those guys who are so completely over-the-top with their supreme... gayness.

    You know the ones. They have that spiky bleach-blond hair, wear orange tinted wrap-around sunnies, have earrings, wear outrageously gay clothes, talk really loudly with a lisp, in that super high-pitched gay tone, while excessively using words like "fabulous" and "darling", and flap their hand about like it's disconnected at the wrist... among other things.

    I find it obnoxious. I couldn't care less if you're gay or not, but would you just shut up and get out of my face? You don't see straight guys walking around with massive beards and lumberjack clothes, yelling at everyone about how much they like tits and beer. Or rather, you do, and they're just as fucking annoying.

    I suppose it's part of that whole "I'm proud to be gay" thing. Like they feel that they are so unashamed about it that they have to really go out of their way to prove to everyone that they're gay, and they don't care who knows it. I just want them to calm down. There's no need to live up so much to your stereotype, guys. Seriously. Just chill out.

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    It is interesting that the discussion digressed to such a topic but I wouldn't mind creating a seperate thread for this topic as it is a very interesting issue to debate. I also recognize that Nataku_0 has the brains (maybe not the sentence structure sometimes) but (only in my opinion) has them devoted to the wrong sources. I would enjoy furthering this discussion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Krytha
    Just let gays be gay. What have they ever done to you? Until they start infringing on your rights as a human being, step off of theirs.

    As for God, he either doesn't exist, he exists but is a dick, he exists but isn't here, he exists but doesn't care (is a dick). Popular responses indicate that God is just a dick.

    Can he make a rock so heavy that even he can't lift it? If God is a perfect being, how can he profess to be a jealous god? Make up your goddamn minds.
    Man that was hilarious. Concise, to the point, true, and very very amusing.

    Also, to attempt to regulate the discussion back to its roots, the U.N. says that the death toll of both soldiers and citizens in Iraq is over 100 a day...when is the U.N. going to fix this?

    Also, all responses on the gay marriage issue and discussion should now be regulated to the Gay Marriage thread I just created. Sorry for stealin' your thread, f_ck, we'll handle the problem from here on out.

    The thread:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainbow Randolf
    Also, to attempt to regulate the discussion back to its roots, the U.N. says that the death toll of both soldiers and citizens in Iraq is over 100 a day...when is the U.N. going to fix this?

    the USA went there against international nor UN support, and now you ask why the UN doesn't help to clean that mess ????.....

    ..... not that i am against the entry of my country and the UN in there, but official excuses from top USA officials before that is mandatory.
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    I'm not gonna even bother reading this thread. I saw two threads that stemmed from the "Badly spammed UN thread"

    So.. it's about time we lock this for going off-topic.


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