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Thread: quizzie time!

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    what the.. I thought this was about quizzes...

    What the hell,

    Riddle me this:

    The father of twin brothers is about to die and decides on a race to determine who'll inherit his fortune.

    It will be a horse race with their personal horses and the one whose horse reaches the destination second will win.

    They wander aimlessly for days until they meet up with a wise man. They ask him about their dilemma and as soon as they hear what he has to say, they jump on the horses and as fast as they can ride towards their destination

    What did the wise man tell them?

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    .................................................. camels (so they both can get the fortune faster and share the fortune together)......................................... ..................................................
    rather than purposely slowing their camel in order to receive the fortune.

    another riddle:

    Q1. There were 4 people sitting in a row, trying to win $50 from a riddle.

    The one in front was wearing a red hat.
    The second from the front was wearing a blue hat.
    The third from the front was wearing a red hat.
    The last was wearing a blue hat and is blind-folded.

    Each of them were informed that they are all wearing a hat, the last person is blind-folded and that there are 2 red and 2 blue hats. if they can guess the color of their hat, then they win the prize.

    There was a long silence, then one of them guessed the color of his hat correctly. Who was it?

    (note that they can only see the person in front of them and are not allowed to turn around and see behind them.)

    If you can answer that you can answer this:

    Q2. You and two friends are captured by insane pirates. They sit you down in three chairs, all facing the same way. You are at the front and cannot see the other two. The middle guy can see you and the third can see both of you. The captors bring in five hats, two red and three blue. All three of you are blindfolded, a hat is placed on each head, the other two are taken away, and the blindfolds removed.

    Nobody can look around or talk, except to state the colour of the hat on his head. If you get it right, you go free. If you get it wrong, you die.

    It's been three minutes and nobody behind you has said anything. What are your chances?
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