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Thread: TWG #3 day 4

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    Default TWG #3 day 4

    Day #4. We have new faces, and some 2 and 3 time veterans, but I think you are all starting to get the hang of the game.

    DAY #1
    DAY #2
    DAY #3

    1. Seers can "reverse ping", choosing to let their targets know that they were pinged
    2. The Werewolf Hunter has a 33% of reverting to normal if they choose not to kill as a Berserker Wolf for 2 nights in a row.
    3. Townies cannot lynch more than 2 people per night, if they attempt any more, I will randomly pick one person from among the intended victims, and kill that person.

    Currently Playing
    1. Idiothunter
    3. Boopkit
    4. Digital_Eon
    6. Aurora86
    7. Chizabubble
    8. Kaom
    9. MojoMunkeez
    10. true_panda
    11. Csutibea
    13. Flash
    14. silverwmoon
    16. Idion
    17. nazihater
    19. Exactly
    20. Quiraikotsu
    24. Jakko
    26. Nogard Laets

    15. Luckythirteen
    12. ApocalypticARK
    23. Sherman
    22. kazechrno
    25. Kayangelus
    5. Martyr3810
    2. coolpuprocks
    18. Spurgu
    21. Ankhmonk The rules thread, which I assume you all have read. If not, READ IT NOW!!!
    You know your roles, and your goals. Have fun, STAY CONNECTED. use MSN, AIM, IRC, etc. Need help finding/setting one of these up? Ask, and at least I will provide all the help I can.

    The Story
    The townsfolk feared the woodcutter Ankhmonk, and hung him.

    The next morning, coolpuprocks was found, looking like she had been in a massive struggle, holding a bloody knife in her hand. Spurgu was also found, beaten to death. The panicky townsfolk again wondered who was behind this, and gathered for saftey, glaring suspiciously at each other. (start day #4!)

    Regular wolves killed coolpuprocks, Werewolf hunter killed Spurgu

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    The Werewolf Hunter did good this round, in my opinion. Good job. However, because of some comments Kaya made after he died about knowing more about everyone's roles than anyone else, I suspect that Kaya might have been the psychic, so we might never know what Spurgu really was. But I think that he was very suspicious.

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    So, coolpuprocks was a threat after all.

    I'm off to bed in a minute, but I'll toss my train of thought out there for those of you who are interested:

    1) coolpuprocks either caused the lynching of or at least accused a wolf at some point.
    2) coolpuprocks was simply viewed as being too outspoken and helpful. The wolves witnessed her successfully cause two lynchings in a row. Her powers of persuasion were a threat to them.
    3) The berserker wolf is likely dead. (Or possibly inactive. Or possibly targeted either the bullet-proof townie or someone being protected by the guardian (likely the guardian themself) twice in a row. But likely dead.)

    Since coolpuprocks was likely originally going to be left alive as a scapegoat:

    1) The wolves ruled this out as everyone saw it coming.
    2) The wolves ruled this out since she didn't make herself suspicious enough.
    3) She made a correct conclusion about a wolf's identity.

    I refuse to rule option three out. I'll be analyzing who she was suspicious of in the morning. (Grr. I realize this post is repetitive - deal with it. I'm too tired to rephrase this whole thing so it flows better.)

    Vote: Digital_Eon.

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    for some reason,
    I think the WH is trying to win this game as BW!

    oo DD I would like to know if normal seer ping WH,
    what will come out? (like wolf? human? role?)
    when he become a BW?
    will the normal seer sees him as WH or BW?
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    Quote Originally Posted by flash
    I would like to know if normal seer ping WH,
    what will come out? (like wolf? human? role?)
    when he become a BW? will the normal seer sees him as WH or BW?
    The normal seer gets whatever the WH is at the time. If the Werewolf Hunter has not changed, the result is "Werewolf Hunter". If the WH did change, the normal seer gets "Berserker Wolf".

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    Okay, I'll just read through the threads again, and I'll just list all the people who CPR was suspicious (however small her suspicions were) of and who she tried to convince people to vote for.
    • Ankhmonk (obviously)
    • IdiotHunter

    Quote Originally Posted by CPR
    If I had to choose between Ankhmonk and IH, I'd prefer to kill IH cause I do believe she is a wolf. However, I do not have a lot of strong evidential proof that she is. I just know that she hates this game after the first TWG (the only game she was active). I had to beg IH to play the second game (I needed to fill quotas) and she got really pist at me when I didn't give her a role.
    • Martyr3810

    Quote Originally Posted by CPR
    • Kayangelus

    Quote Originally Posted by CPR
    For somebody who has been in the game (twice)

    Kayangelus should know that telling roles are a death trap. That is how we lose.

    Again, I ask, WHY WOULD HE ASK??
    • Jakko

    Quote Originally Posted by CPR
    When I die, please be on the lookout of Jakko & Kayangelus.
    • Chizabubble
    • nazihater
    Quote Originally Posted by CPR
    I am very curious to why Chiza and nazihunter believe that forming alliances for the sake of alliance is a good idea. Let me also say that these two have played the game last time.
    Tell me if I've gotten anything wrong or missed anything.

    Okay, so CPR seems to strongly suspect IdiotHunter. CPR then dies next round.

    I am aware of the fact that wolves may have killed her to place suspicion on IdiotHunter, and someone once mentioned that wolves usually wait a few turns/kill people unrelated to them as to not draw attention, so I don't really know.
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    oh cool. I'm a suspect!
    Point taken though. I think Jakko might be a wolf as he is constantly defending people(i.e. me and silver) to an un-nessicessiry point that makes us look like we are allied with him. He may have done this in the first game though(did he?) and he didn't play the second game so I don't know how he plays. so this might change.

    I love Steal! <3

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    and all this time I thought you were allied with him, since Jakko has been answering suspicious questions for other people,
    so why don't we put Jakko on the spot?

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    Kaom, kind of a random vote there...? Or do you have reason to suspect me?

    Well, whatever.

    Flash, the Werewolf Hunter has so far killed one wolf suspect, and one person who could have been suspicious but we weren't really sure of (although if he was the psychic... shit.). We won't be able to tell until tonight, though - if they're trying to win as a berserker, they'll kill tonight.

    I vote Chiza out of slight suspicion... but it'll most likely change later. Please don't hate me. T_T

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    Frankly I don't think that anyone knew what they were doing in day one. We were pointing random fingers mostly. Looking at the list of suspects from day one, I think that we can disgard those from being to true wolves, because even if CPR was the seer? She wouldn't have had time to ping any of them. She was throwing her vote around a little, trying to make the game active... *shrugs* that's just my opinion. I'd be more likely to suspect Placeholder: Idiot Hunter -shrugs- It's just a placeholder for now though. I'm gone all day pretty much, but I'll come back to check later. ^^

    Sorry IH >_< ;_;


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